Friday, September 5, 2008

Flint falling behind on the baggy pants patrol

Flint Expatriate and Haskell Community Center bowling champion Jim Holbel writes:

"So have you heard if Flint has any baggy pants arrests yet? Those bastards in Riviera Beach, Florida are Stealing Flint's thunder. The Smoking Gun reports:

Meet Kenneth Smith. The Florida man, 29, was arrested yesterday for wearing baggy pants. Smith was busted by Riviera Beach cops for violating a city ordinance governing low-slung trousers (or, legally speaking, 'exposure of undergarment in public').

"I double checked the Flint chart though, and exposure of 2" of undies is only a warning in F-Town. Maybe they just don't have anyone to enforce the law. Or it could just be a forward looking strategy to avoid the first round of civil liberties litigation, thus allowing Riviera Beach
to be the trial case and saving Flint unnecessary legal exposure.

"Or maybe not."


  1. Dropping baggy pants for a second...I'd totally forgotten about bowling at Haskell.

    I love this site!


  2. I'd forgotten about Haskell Community Center! wow

  3. my Gawd GY! give the Don-ster and and, uh,the "magic flute" aka super-dicks guy a break! I mean, it's gotta be hard as hell to start up their very own PAC(8-10 million$-outta donster's pocket, uh-huh)!! And such noble work they'll be doing to: goin' on search and destroy missions against corruption in politicos!!!How can Don da Con and his hench-scratch that-po-lice chief bust perverse droptrou boys when they're out destroying serious rivals/critics, uh, I mean OTHER sleazy politicians...I didn't know if I wanted to retch or laugh when I saw that. musta been a contact buzz from the biogas...


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