Thursday, October 9, 2008

The fate of TAM

Flint Expatriate Kathy W. has a question:

"Do you remember "TAM" at the Sloan Museum? I think it was an acronym for Talking Anatomical Mannequin. It was a woman that talked about all of her parts. I looked on the Sloan site and I don't see any mention of it there. Do you think it was discarded? Just curious."


  1. I remember TAM... school trips to see her. Everyone would giggle when the boobs lit up.

  2. TAM was and is the most attractive Lady Flintoidette EVER. What a relief it was to gaze upon her beautiful visage after having viewed the American Revolution miniatures for the umpteenth time.

    Anybody remember the see-thru car? That musta been TAM's ride.

    Uhhh... didja know that the master plan for the Cult. Center had the Sloan rising to three stories? Can ya imagine all of the Flint odds & ends you could fit in a building that size? Wowzers. After the upgrades at the FIA, Library, Planetarium, and Dort you'd gotta believe the Sloan would be next. Whiting is fine. Bower? What is it used for besides youth theatre? Uhhh... having said that EVERY improvement coincides with a step backwards: planetarium fountain, Manning St., moving the art fair.

  3. I never connected the two and didn't remember until reading this about the TAM at the Sloan, but(t)...there is one at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix that looks old enough that it could've been the same one. My son gets a kick out of the boobs too (isn't "headlights" a slang term for those parts?)

  4. Where is the Art Fair moving to? I missed that one. Ouch, I can't imagine it anywhere else.


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