Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flint Artifacts: G.M.I. Patch


  1. crap, when I graduated, all i got from GMI was a diploma...

  2. Thanks for the GMI post!

    99-2003 Alum

    I actually arrived post-GMI, in the early Kettering years.

    My friends and I (not true Flint expats, of course) all reflected on how wonderful it was to go to school in a town that only cared if you were selling drugs or shooting people. You could drive illegal golfcarts/baja buggies/minibikes all over the streets of Flint without so much as a how-do-you-do from the Flint police.

  3. Ha, I was the first class to graduate as Kettering University. I now live in LA.

    No matter how insane Flint is, I love it.

    I just found this website and it brings back memories.

  4. I grew up wearing GMI sweatshirts that were a size too big because my Dad figured I'd grow into them. To this day, I like baggy clothes.


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