Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lafayette Foxx, R.I.P.

Police investigators outside Sim's Market, where Lafayette Foxx was murdered. (Photo by Bruce Edwards/The Flint Journal).

Bryn Mickle and Shannon Murphy of The Flint Journal report:
"A man was shot to death outside a corner market Wednesday afternoon.

"Police responding to report of shots fired near Alexander Street and Gillespie Avenue about 12:35 p.m. and found Lafayette Foxx, 23, on the ground.

"Witnesses told police they heard several gunshots in the area.

"He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead."

For an unofficial tally of homicides, consult the Flint Murder Map.


  1. I was quite surprised to see this dude's body lying in the street in both The Flint Journal and on ABC 12. I thought for sure they'd avoid showing it.

  2. In all of my years in Flint I never knew this store existed... and believe me, had I have known of it's existence I woulda stopped in.

    Sims Market looks like it is straight out of the late 70s. Check out the vintage MSL sign. Amazing.

    Now I know a guy was murdered here. R.I.P. to Lafayette Foxx. Nevertheless it is really easy to get desensitized to murder when it happens every week to people you would never know.

  3. Ya just don't see that shade of yellow anymore, do you?

    Hey Gordo, when are you gonna be back in town? Lemme know and we'll go to Sims for a little elixir. When was the last time you pounded a couple 40s o' some rot gut brew while riding in the back of a pick up? Anything later than last summer is too long.

  4. layefette foxx was mi cuzzin... rest in peace guy.. he was known as guy.. there have been so many murders in flint it dosent make since... people need to see how the family will be hurt cause my family was hurt bad wen this happen... keep us in prayers plz... and r.i.p guy we luv ya

  5. Well I never met Lafayette but I just reunited with my birth father and that was his second born. It sucks that I never got to met my lil brother. My prayers are with the family! R.I.P Brother I never met.

  6. Its sad how the person that killed lafayette is still going to that store and stay in the same area where lafayette was killed the things that go on, on that corner hmmmmmm why he hasnt been arrested for killing yeah its all good the police dont even bother they dont care every first of the month if they want to stop the crime they will continously ride on that street but of course they want the big fish thats selln drugs well what u waitn for........j/s


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