Monday, October 20, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to avoid the ghosts of Flint's industrial past, especially when they look this good. On a sunny Saturday in San Francisco's Mission District, with no wind and no fog, this Buick Skylark rolled by, a nice reminder that Flint produced some amazing cars.


  1. Loved my '65 Skylark-paid 100$ for it. Got hit pulling out onto Miller Rd. one night by some very high hippies, State trooper estimated they were doing probably 70mph. They hit my left front, pushed it into the block a good ways. I was not hurt, unless You count taking the bus til I got another car...

  2. "Oh Skylark, have you anything to say to me?"

    This song takes on a new meaning for me ever since they stopped making these.

    Buick, where is your R&D taking you?


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