Thursday, October 2, 2008

There's one born every minute

Have you heard the one about the gang from Detroit headed to Flint to...


  1. You know, this doesn't surprise me. I was talking to a current citizen who got the text on her phone. It's the same thing as an email hoax, just a new medium. I can't believe people still fall for this crap. Five seconds of critical thinking should yield that something is fishy, and it's not the Flint River.

  2. What's worse is that this was broadcast over Genesee County's 911 dispatch (including Flint's) and later, the statewide channels. My dad had his scanner on and freaked out, in turn calling me and freaking me out. I wish I would have known that it started at an e-mail hoax, and am quite disappointed that dispatchers found it necessary to perpetuate it.

  3. Würstside WarlørdOctober 4, 2008 at 6:52 AM

    What a relief it is to know all of the other people shot in Flint Wednesday were unrelated to this hoax. How foolish can a Flintoid get? As if anybody has ever been randomly shot within the city limits. Stupid Flintoids. Why are they so edgy?

  4. Very true, Wurstside. You can't blame Flint for taking this somewhat seriously.


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