Friday, January 9, 2009

40 Years of Fun!

After 40 years at Chrysler's Twinsburg Stamping Plant in Ohio, Bill Wetherholt has a few stories to tell. Now he's obviously not a Flintoid, but it's still worth reading his interview on

A brief sample...
Jessie: Can you tell me a little bit about your first experiences when you were hired at Chrysler?

Bill: Being afraid. (Laughing) When I first started working there, we really worked hard, but you didn’t think about working hard at that time. There were no filtration systems in the plant, there were no safety signs telling you to wear ear plugs and safety goggles. They didn’t have covers over the presses and the gears were exposed, I mean there were so many hazards that you worked around that you never thought about it.

Thanks to Kris Stableford for sending this my way.

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