Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ultimate List of Bars, Lounges, and Taverns

Damn, I mention the Mikatam and the comment section turns into a bar free for all. Even my mom joined in by hearkening back to a place called The Yellow Jacket. I'm all for bars, but I feel the need to impose some order. And I love lists. So how about we try to come up with a compendium of Flint bars, past and present. I'll pull the bars out of the comment section and add to the list below.

UPDATE: Okay, I couldn't keep up, so you'll need to check the comments for even more bars, lounges, and taverns not mentioned in the list below.
  1. Ad-Lib Lounge
  2. Al and Donna's
  3. Aladdin
  4. Ali Baba's
  5. Ambassador
  6. Andy's
  7. Aquarius Lounge
  8. Argonaut
  9. Arlene's
  10. Art's (Lewis Street?)
  11. Autumn
  12. Back Room (The Loft)
  13. Bailiwick
  14. Bar Bucks Bar
  15. Beaver Trap
  16. Bernie’s Lounge
  17. Bill’s Still (Begat LL-T Show Bar)
  18. Billy's Pub
  19. Blarney’s (Saginaw Street)
  20. Body Shop
  21. Brass Rail
  22. Caboose
  23. Camaro
  24. Camaro Lounge/Beaver Trap/Trap Door/50 Grand
  25. Churchills
  26. Civic Park Lounge
  27. Cloud Nine
  28. Club Reggae
  29. Clubhouse
  30. College Inn
  31. Contos/Triangle
  32. Copa (Hot Rock)
  33. Corner Bar
  34. Crankin' Rankin
  35. Déjà vu (No Alcohol)
  36. Deno's
  37. Dominic's (at the Galaxy Center)
  38. Doobie's
  39. Duffys
  40. Dugout
  41. El Matador
  42. El Rancho
  43. El Toro
  44. Embers
  45. Farm
  46. Fenton Road Tavern
  47. Fifty Grand
  48. Firehouse
  49. Golden Leaf (Technically a private club, but still a bar)
  50. Good Times
  51. Good Times
  52. Happy Hour Lounge
  53. Hat’s Pub
  54. Hob Knob Lounge (Center Road)
  55. Hot Rock (Formerly The Copa)
  56. Interlude
  57. Ivanhoe
  58. Ivor's Place
  59. Jack Gilbert's Wayside Inn
  60. Jake the Snake's
  61. Jesters
  62. Jimmy Lum's Aloha Lounge
  63. Jim's Garage (burned and re-built)
  64. Jolly Olive
  65. Julie’s
  66. Junk Yard Bar
  67. Kelush's
  68. Kimberly's
  69. King's Armor
  70. Lace
  71. Lafferty's (begat Point After begat Bikini Bar begat Neighbors)
  72. Lamplighter ( Tramplighter )
  73. Light
  74. Little Ceasar's Pizza Bar in South Flint Plaza
  75. LL-T Show Bar (Formerly Bill’s Still)
  76. Loft (aka Back Room)
  77. Lone Pine
  78. Lounge at Bishop Airport before remodel
  79. Luge
  80. Mark's Lounge
  81. Merry Inn
  82. Metropolis
  83. Mikatam
  84. Mr. Gibby's
  85. Mr.G's
  86. Nathan J's Cocktails
  87. New Deville
  88. Northgate Bar (N. Saginaw near Beecher)
  89. Oddysey
  90. Old Frank’s (Diviest dive that ever dove.)
  91. Old Franklin
  92. Pachyderm
  93. Paddy McGee's
  94. Palace Gardens
  95. Pappy's (or some such name. Was it a private club? It was in the building where Putnam's TV used to be on Flushing and Stevenson. The former Soar And Dippity Kite Shop?)
  96. Patio
  97. Payne's
  98. Payne's (The name says it all.)
  99. Peppermill
  100. Peppermint
  101. Peter's Pub
  102. Pink Garter (really a restaurant, but a Clio Road institution near O’Toole’s)
  103. Point
  104. Point After
  105. Raincheck
  106. Ray's
  107. Red Ribbon
  108. Reese Jones
  109. Remington's
  110. RP's
  111. Rusty Nail
  112. Sherman's Lounge
  113. Shorthorn
  114. Skips
  115. Snotty's
  116. Sports Bar
  117. Sports Coupe (Former Sports Bar of Brush Alley moved to Dort Hwy)
  118. Sunset Lounge (on Franklin appeared to be closed for years but was actually open)
  119. Teddy Bear (now " Zoo")
  120. Tender Trap
  121. The Bank
  122. Thrift City
  123. Thunderbird or Fleetwood (just off Dort on Lippincott)
  124. Timoothy's
  125. Titty City
  126. Torch
  127. Track
  128. Trapper Joe's
  129. Treasure Chest
  130. Tropicana
  131. University Club (Private Club)
  132. Vasco's
  133. Vasco's (Teasers)
  134. Vechells,
  135. Viking Lounge
  136. Villa Capri
  137. Wagon Wheel
  138. West Side
  139. What's Next?
  140. Whisper
  141. White Horse
  142. Wild Bill’s
  143. Yellow Jacket


  1. The University Club...had my wedding reception there...was beautiful before it fell apart! Just another sad memory from Flint

  2. I missed the glory era 70's-80's. However when I visit Flint here's where I go, or used to go...

    Thrift City by AC Spark Plug
    3301 Davison Rd (still open)

    Mark's Lounge by GM Truck & Bus
    Van Slyke by the railroad tracks. (destroyed)

    Sherman's Lounge
    4211 Fenton Rd (still open)

    The Loft (aka Back Room)
    Buckham Alley (still open)

    The Torch (best burgers in Flint)
    Buckham Alley

    Not sure of status. As of 2002, when I went last, it had the best dancing/DJ in Flint. Closest thing to NYC in Genesee County.

    Jesters (owned by George, the former owner of Mr. G's)
    Center at Richfield (they just expanded and added a pool room; this bar is often packed and will take you back to 1987 in more ways than one).

    Downtown S. Saginaw across from UM Flint. Great live bands. Wish they'd do something with that nasty flo lighting in the main space and cozy up the vibe. Aside from that, it's still a great spot.

  3. Jessica, what fell apart, the marriage or the U Club? Ha Ha. Little joke, there. I've got a million of them. Thanks for the addition.

    Shawn, thanks for the impressive list. Mark's Lounge features prominently in Rivet Head. I'll have to find a suitable excerpt.

  4. I love the bar trivia....
    Did you go into Rube's when it was on Flushing Rd. or Chevrolet? I went to both. Rube's was a relaxing neighborhood bar and when you went around the corner you went to Ambassador. My friend from high school Mom was the bartender there for many a year. Ivor's was cool. Many a good and funny memory brought from the list. The Peppermint was also a neat place to go. And Augie's the Flint River Yacht Club what a place. I dont drink any more but the memories the bars evoke are priceless.

  5. Here is a quick list of some Flint bars that are no longer here:

    Billy's Pub, on Saginaw Street near Churchill's.

    Hat's Pub, a downtown bar on Kearsley Street, about a block away from U of M-Flint.

    Mr.G's, a rock and roll bar, on South Saginaw and Bristol.

    Bernie's, on South Dort, had jazz, and sometimes punk music.

    El Matador (formerly Uncle Bob's Diner), on Harrison Street.

    Paddy McGee's, an Irish Pub on Flushing Road near Ballenger Highway.

    1. Oh yes Mr.G's. Funny cuz it was smack dab in front of the old Burton Police Dept.

    2. I don't see the Empire Lounge anywhere on these lists.................

  6. What was the name of the two places on Flushing near Ballenger-south side Irish decor (hard to get into on weekends) and the north side of street-a dive-Andy's maybe? Met my sister theere one night and they said I was snooty for liking white wine.

    Anyways-sports Bar-met hubby on his leave from Basic, had two dates, got married and had reception at the Sports bar in the back watching the Tigers in Playoffs. My idea. How cool is that?

    1. Paddy McGee and the King's Armor

    2. Paddy McGee's was south side of flushing rd, Andy's Lounge was across the street and King's Armour was on ballenger hwy just north of flushing rd

  7. The Track, was on Clio Road across from Burger King and Arby's. (The Pink Garter was just to the north on the same side of the street.)

    I played electric sax 5 nights a week for 9 weeks at The Track in the summer of '69 in a band named "M.B. Holcomb" (conveniently named after the band leader/lead singer/keyboardist/and all-around great guy, M.B. Holcomb). Although under age at the time (19), by Michigan law I was allowed to play but not to drink (or so I was told). That was alright--just show me the money.

    It was during that gig that Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay"--a huge favorite that summer on The Track jukebox--was permanently etched in theChurchGuy's brain. Amazingly, I live to tell the story!


  8. The Lamp Lighter, sorry - that's all I got.

    BTW, Thrift City (mentioned by Shawn Chittle) has THEE best Taco Salad. It's definitely worth stopping in.

  9. Oh, Palace Gardens? Or is that Burton? In any case, it's very likely being destroyed soon.

  10. There is NO question that the GREATEST bar/club in the history of Genesee was The Aladdin on Corunna Road. When I left Flint it was an auto parts store.

    Joe Shaheen, Shaheen Shaheen two of the best guys I have ever known.

    I have too many stories about the place. Thank God the statute of limitations has run.

  11. Gosh, don't forget these "forgotten few"...

    Al and Donna's on Lewis Street,
    The Ambassador on Chevrolet,
    The Viking Lounge on Davison Road plus El Toro across the street.

  12. Ok Gordie here we go

    The Lamplighter ( Tramplighter )
    Treasure Chest
    West Side
    Jolly Olive
    Red Ribbon
    Lone Pine
    Trapper Joe's
    The Patio
    The Camaro...then Beaver Trap
    The Brass Rail (one for mom)
    (in the northwest plaza????)
    Tender Trap
    The Pink Garter
    The Farm
    El Rancho
    The Shorthorn
    The lounge at Bishop Airport before the remodel
    The Interlude
    Ad-Lib Lounge
    The Track
    The Crankin' Rankin

    I am sure there are more but I'm late for my AA meeting

  13. Don't forget Hat's Pub! What was the name of the jazz club around the corner from Billy's that was open in the mid-80s? On the northwest side there was the infamous Good Times on Clio Rd., which Ben Hamper immortalized in his Michigan Voice column. He said a fight broke out there every night, which, of course is silly. There were probably fights only 2-3 times per week. For some reason they always let me in when I was 17. A fake ID wasn't necessary.

    Then, of course, there's Rube's, which I think is/was on Chevrolet and Flushing.

    1. My mom worked at Hat's Pub back in the 80's. The owner Bob Sippert passed away two days ago.

  14. I used to go to Bernie's Lounge to see the Maxwell Band play... I think that was on Dort.

  15. Also, does Wild Bill's count? That's in Flint Township.

  16. Don't forget Rube's on Chevrolet, and what about that place not far from McLaren Hospital? Possibly on Flushing Rd. It was a Doug Bosley-owned club. I think that it was called Celebrations for awhile. It was popular in the days following Dirty Dancing and featured soon-to-be divorced middle-aged men although the women were generally in their early 20's. I went there a time or two with a group of friends until one of my father's friends hit on me. After that I tried to avoid places where I would be forced to witness Dad's friends dancing to Billy Ocean!

    1. celebrations was at beecher rd at calkins rd

    2. omg ! In the early 80's, I was in beauty school in Fenton and me and my peeps would head to Celebrations to dance the night away ! My son was even one of the go-go dances (in white tight pants) for a while !!! So easy to score in that place, but that is a whole 'nuther story !! Lived in Flint from 1968 to 1993....moved back to my home state....wonderful memories of the my friends and "acquaintances" I left behind..more than the bars, I really miss the coney islands...!

  17. Ali Baba's, Johnny Terango's the Point After-down the street from King's Armour, Villa Capri-also a great restaurant...Paddy Magee's, King's armour, and Point After all were withing crawling distance of the other. sure more will come up...

    1. andy's lounge was right across the street from paddy mcgee's

  18. Anyone remember the woman who used to sing "Bill Bailey" at Churchill's for a sandwich? What was her name? Ruby? Rosey?

    1. There is a youtube video of her singing in what was then the Water Street Pavilion.

  19. Rosie was the old lady who sang "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey" all over Flint. I have often thought that there should be a statue of her somewhere on Saginaw Street.

  20. Side-Bars:

    The display department crew from Sears at The Valley used to hit the bar at Town and Country Lanes on Miller Road after work on occasion--any occasion would do.

    Not exactly a "bar," I suppose--unless you count all the drinking and dancing--but, our band played one night in 1969 at the Giant Ballroom located at the corner of N. Saginaw St. and Hamilton Ave. That was not too long before the Weathermen (Weather Underground) convened their infamous "War Council," and just a few weeks before a full-fledged riot where at least one person was shot and killed. Ah, those were the days, my friend!

    My last gig was in the summer of '72 at the bar in Flushing Lanes (that would be in Flushing, if memory serves me).

    I've said it before, but I must say it again, King's Armor had the absolute best corned beef sandwich I've ever had. I want one--NOW!

  21. What about all the bars on S. Saginaw between Atherton and Hemphill accross form Fisher Body?

    All in a 1/2 mile
    Teddy Bear (now "The Zoo")
    Payne's (now "Clubhouse" burned)
    Corner Bar (now "The Luge")
    Firehouse (now "Kimberly's")
    Jim's Garage (burned and re-built)

    And on Fenton Rd.
    Red Ribbon
    Fenton Rd. Tavern

    Does anyone remember the bar inside Little Ceasar's Pizza in The South Flint Plaza?

  22. Vasco's
    Body Shop

  23. And how could we forget the bar inside of the Hyatt thanks to that video!

  24. Yes, I remember the South Flint Plaza Little Caesar's bar. I don't think I've ever been in a place that was so smoke-filled. You could barely see across the room.

    I was asked to sit in with a band that was playing there one night. Funny thing--I found it's really hard to play tenor sax if you can't breathe. Live and learn.

  25. My mom and dad used to own "the Viking Lounge" on Davison and Maplewood/Franklin and then moved it to Davison and Arlington. My dad died in 1988 and my mom kept it for a few years before selling the business (kept the building). Now, it's practically the only bar left in that area. It's sad to see what the area has become. I worked for my mom and dad for a number of years before the business was sold, and I loved it. I practically grew up with our "regulars", and it was a nice neighborhood/shop bar, despite the reputation of the neighborhood.

    As an aside.....Dusty, it's a small world! I actually went to college with your wife. She's lovely and I am so happy you two found one another. Blessings to you both and your growing family!

  26. Does anybody remember if the Riviera Terrace (now a VFW hall) on Corunna Road had a bar? It was a hot spot in the 60s with the likes of Terry Knight.

    1. The Riviera Terrace was a teen nightclub I attended regularly from about 1963-65. Yes Terry Knight was there a lot, but they also had some pretty big-named acts like Sonny & Cher, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Miracles, and let's not forget Mark Farner began his career there in a band called the Derelects. He later was lead singer for Grand Funk Railroad. Nothing but Shirley Temple cocktrails at the Riviera Terrace.

  27. To oakparkmark's question about the name of the jazz club around the corner from Billy's, could it have been The Peppermill, on Kearsley St. between Saginaw St. and Buckham Alley?

    grumkin, I used to go to Bernie's and see the Maxwell Band, too. Here is a flyer for one of their gigs:

    1. The jazz club was in the basement of the Peppermill and it was called "The Underground". My dad owned the Peppermill and later the Bailiwick at court and saginaw which closed in December when he retired at 74.

  28. Did someone mention the bar that was in Windmill Place? I don't remember the name, but I don't recognize any of the names mentioned either. And, there was a great dance bar on I remember it was the Embers. We called it simply "the Bers".

    Kathy W

    1. McKellars in Windmill place? Sound right?

  29. Lewis St. and Fenton Rd. both have an impressive collection of bars, taverns, and party stores, but the stretch of Saginaw between Hemphill and Atherton takes the (rum)cake. 7 bars, two party stores, and a biker clubhouse!! Huzzah. Anybody ever stay the night at one of the hotels on Bryant St. right behind this block? I've always wanted to do a pub crawl here.

    The Pachyderm on Hemphill?

    Snotty's? Was this the same as Bernies? Anyway, sources tell me it was one of Flint's first punker bars

    Old Franklin on Franklin. Not to be confused with Old Frank's.

    Merry Inn on Franklin. Five lanes of bowling!!

    Old Franks on Lewis and Broadway. This HAS to be the diviest dive that ever dove.

    Al and Donna's served Black Label.

    Art's on Lewis?

    Julies on Lewis?

    Aquarius Lounge on Davison for all of your geriatric drinking needs.

    Was it the Ivanhoe? Davison and Center?

    Raincheck for HNIC.

    Timoothy's on Robt T. and Kelso for 25 cent hot dogs. Bleech.

    RP's on Kelso is ideal if you need to hideout for a while.

    Peter's Pub for beach volleyball?

    Happy Hour Lounge on Chevrolet?

    Beaver Trap served 40s AND had a legendary lactating dancer.

    Whisper on Corunna had some greezy greezy burgers.

    Andy's on Pierson and Dort was weed friendly.

    Whats the name of that stupid Nascar joint on Dort and Richfield? Its got a car on the roof. Ugh.

    The New Deville on Davison?

    Kelush's had a swingin' sign... and "Camel Burgers"?!?!?!

    Deno's on Dort was a virtual bunker.

    Arlene's for poetry slam night? Why not?

    Club Reggae on Detroit St.? Am I dreaming, mon?

    Jake the Snake's for your after hours blind pig needs. Was it on Alexander?

    The illegal strip club in the house on Lapeer between Seymour and Dort? Never went there, but the flier that they had the nerve to distribute was UNBELIEVABLE.

    Reese Jones on Water St? Before my time, but I heard it was quite a joint.

    Pappy's or some such name. Was it a private club? It was in the building where Putnam's TV used to be on Flushing and Stevenson. The former Soar And Dippity Kite Shop?

    Where exactly was the Villa Capri?

    Was the Good Times the say place as What's Next?

    Lafferty's begat Point After begat Bikini Bar begat Neighbors.

    There was a SUPER scary looking dive on S. Saginaw and Orville (or Linsey or Bruce or Tobias or Oliver) I dunno, but it looked INZANE from the outside.

    Now... the greatest Flint bar ever? Drumroll please...

    Though I never set foot inside, I would bet all of the Laser Malt Liquor in the world that "Bar Bucks Bar" on Dort and Boulevard crystalized the Flint drunkard experience better than any bar, party store, illegal after hours club or alley. Buck, I drink to thee.

    1. you also forgot about darcy`s bar used to be on the corner or 3rd ave & gr traverse.

    2. the bar on s saginaw was probably "al's place" and it was a very scary dive. went in there several times with friends back in the late 70s. thank god the people i was with "knew" people lol. it was wild fun

  30. The Wagon Wheel at North Center and Richfield

  31. Hey Gordie....need your help on this one....there was a bar around back at the Northwest shopping center....Charlies maybe....seems I remember a Chaplin like figure associated with it ??????????


  32. Tom Wirt: I think you're correct that the jazz club was The Peppermill. The location seems to be correct, but my Flint geography is a bit rusty. I recall that around the corner on Saginaw St. was a disco that we called the Tepid Pebble, so maybe the real name was the Hot Rock, or something like that? It absorbed the overflow from The Copa. Tom Short's band was a regular feature at The Peppermill, and I saw Mose Allison there, which is my only recollection of a national act playing a Flint bar.

  33. How about Bill's Still which then morphed into the LL-T Show Bar. The LL-T name was used because they could form the letters out of the old sign.

    Metropolis opened downtown after I left town. More of a club, but wasn't booze available there too? Bar or not?

  34. One place that always brings back some decadent momories was i believe it was the athletics club around the corner from the intersection at court and corunna. It was an after hours place and me and a buddy used to frequent with some friends that worked at deja vu, after they closed.

    One time in particular, it ws after our openhouse for graduation we loaded up a keg from the open house and had the tap going through the window of mytruck at the time. and drove around visiting friends doing shotguns of of the keg, not the safest thing to do, eventually went home dropped of the keg hand my dad checks from my open house, took the cash went bar hopping. then eventually ended up at the athletics club where we stayed til about 7:30 am. got home my stepmom was getting ready for work, my dad told us to stumble up to bed before she got out of the bathroom a few hours later, my dad was cleaninghouse with some of the most obnoxious music playing album called "drinkin and stinkin" by"Bill "Boogie Bill" Webb. it was quite appropiate at the time. needless to say we did it again the next day minus the keg stands in the truck.

  35. can we, in all good conscience, count the University Club as a watering hole? No proles allowed, embers only...dinna see many shoprats there, unless they were in the back w/me and the rest of the scullery screwheads. Nothing personal, just wondering. the Villa Capri was on Corunna Rd., west of Ballenger, next door to the lovely and vivacious Debby Maple's father's auto repair place. we shared the parking lot, at least until someone blew it to hell and gone. Terry Knight(Knapp) is/was a skeeze, in my book. approached me while at Mott, to make porno movies for him. yeech.Spent many, too many Weds. nites at Little Sleazer's on Fenton Rd., watching the bouncers pulverize the sodden, and yeah, it was smokie, really smokie. ain't it great!Never got so sick and tired of hearing different covers of 'sweet home alabama' in my life.And Church Guy? not to pick You, but to pick on You one more time, yeah, the corned beef sands were good at K.a., they used Otto Liebold's meats. But, the absolute BEST, I mean willing to die or kill for corned beef sands, one had to leave Buicktown and head down to Alban's in, ugh, Birmingham,(an enclave of semi-rich suburbinites, not well to do enough to move to Bloomfield). And they had the most outrageously good homemade Kosher dill pickles I've ever tasted, then or now. Wasn't Al and Donna's aka as 'Mavis's"? only went in once, but their daughter went to Southwestern w/me, name of Kitty Lester, if I remember correctly.

    1. FINALLY....someone mentions Mavis'...Dort and Delaware...had an awesome basement bar.. 3 stools .. pool table ..pinball.. fit for the AC crowd in fact it was years before i ever went upstairs.. Mavis.. was beautiful !!and had 3 sandwiches..ham,corned beef, pastrami..small bag of chips and a pickle....i wonder if the basement bar had a name?.......lovin this blog.. I not only sang at Doobies and Hats Pub..... but waitressed for Hats Pub...when they took a wrecking ball to it.. i ran across ..through the cordoned off area and shook my fist at the wrecking ball and grabbed a few bricks for posterity.

  36. Dominic's at the Galaxy Center.
    Dominic's at the Galaxy Center.

    That radio jiggle never left my head. And as I recall Dominic Moceri (who went to Powers and occasionally rode my bus) was none too please that his Dad had named the bar after him.

  37. Bustdup you are correct... Alban's was the best... I LOVED the corned beef, swiss on pumperknickel (sp). I've been looking for that sandwich ever since I left Michigan.

  38. Tepid Pebble. Ha! You guys were alot more sophisticated than us youngsters. We called it the Hot Cock.

    As far as national acts playing Flint bars, plenty have done so of the punk, metal, and cock rock persuasion.

  39. The Back Room had another nickname: The Trendy Shithole. I'm not even joking.

  40. Crankin' Rankin? Do tell. I always thought that was the name of the rental hall in Rankin. Was it a bar? Great name whatever the origin.

    Was it the Tropicana on Industrial? There were a few others on Industrial.

    Uhhh... The Doughouse in Burton.

    Where was the Junkyard Bar? Was it near junkards? Dort Hwy? S. Grand Traverse?

  41. Jimmy Lum's Aloha Lounge deserves it's own post.

    Heck, Bob Adado alone deserves his own blog.

    1. Went to school with Jimmy @Emerson...a number one guy with a great family in those days

  42. We have just launched a blog last week dedicated to visiting all the bars in Flint. It's an idea we've been brewing for a long time. As this post shows there are a plethora of bars in the city of Flint.

  43. Someone had to go there. Might as well be me.

    Strip Clubs of Flint!! An old Urinal article claimed FLint had more "Gentlemen's Clubs" per capita than any other city in MI. During the mid-90s Flint had 10, Detroit ONLY 40. The count is lower now, but uhhh lets see.

    Nathan J's Cocktails and Lace
    Thunderbird or Fleetwood (just off Dort on Lippincott)
    Deja Vu- Ok no alcohol, but c'mon...

    Clound Nine- Greatest poorly airbrushed strip club sign featuring mutant dancers
    LL-T -sign read "No Colors" Hmmm...

    Camaro Lounge/Beaver Trap/Trap Door- Lactating Dancers, 40s, and sniper murders

    50 Grand- Was this the joint on Stewart? Was it also called the Sunset or Sunrise?

    Body Shop- North Dort represent

    Vasco's/Teasers- counterculture stripper mecca

    I know there was a few others. One on N. Saginaw St.? A few others on Dort? An illegal club on Lapeer Rd. Some dive out on Pierson and Dolan. Uhhhh... the bikini bar on Flushing. The strip coffee shop in Clio.

    Of course the College Inn and Titty City kicked it old school.

    Well... if you really want to scrape the bottom of the barrel we could compile a collection of our collective oriental spa recollections...

  44. Professor, you've got a winner here for most comments on one subject. This dethrones the Powers discussion from quite awhile back. Congratulations!

  45. The Crankin Rankin Road House of Rankin Michigan.
    Does anybody remember the main house band that was there in the early 80's. That was a great bar. The name of the place says it all, it was CRANKIN and RANKIN and it was a Road House.

  46. What was I thinking with this post? Please be patient with me as I try to keep the list updated.

    You people need to show some moderation!

    Oh, was the Hot Rock the place that went in the original Copa when it moved across the street?

  47. Yes, the Hot Rock was where the Copa was.

    I had forgotten about that Back Room bar.. that opened into Buckham Alley. I went there a couple times.

  48. You forgot the Junk Yard Bar on Dort Hwy. They had the best food in town. It is now gone.

  49. Sunset Lounge on Franklin appeared to be closed for years but was actually open.

    Sports Coupe- Former Sports Bar of Brush Alley moved to Dort Hwy

    Bailiwick- I forget what it used to be called. Closes at 3 pm.

    Windmill Place Bar had a dress code (?!?!) and alotta fights just like Metropolis Thursday Fight Nights.

    Payne's. The name says it all.

    The Bank on S. Saginaw. Dunno what it is called now. Used to be a neon Goebels sign next door. Partied on the roof with Mercedes Wrex. Ugh.

    1. The Bailiwick was the Verdict and before that the Genesee Bar

  50. You forgot the "Hob Knob Lounge" on Center road. Another beauty in Flint

  51. ANOTHER ONE---

    The Northgate Bar on N. Saginaw Street near Beecher. I went there on a job-related repair call 10 years ago thinking I would walk in to an all african-american crowd. I was wrong. It looked like Archie Bunker's Place!

  52. I don't remember a bar at Windmill Place (perhaps a Grand Marnier or two, too many) but Figlio's was the name of the bar at Water Street.

  53. My very favorite Flint bar of all time was the T-Bird Lounge on Lippincott between South Dort and Center Road. For After-Hours, it was "Mr. Lucky's" on Lapeer Road across from Channel 12. Or my house.

    Peter Cavanaugh

  54. Würstside Warlørd mentioned Snotty's and Bailiwick-

    Snotty's was one of Flint's first punk venues. I think it was mainly a teen disco, but sometimes they had punk bands play there, and if you were over 21, you could bring your own beer (if memory serves me correctly). It was kind of like a hall party. Snotty's was on S. Saginaw between Hemphill and Bristol, a couple of blocks from Mr.G's, and back from the street a bit, near the Super City store.

    Balliwick was called The Verdict in the 1980s, one of the waitresses there was a good friend of mine.

    And geewhy, the Metropolis/Copa/Hot Rock was originally The Downtowners Club.

  55. My parents owned Payne's Bar for years. When Fisher Body was still open, we had them packed 5 deep at the bar on breaks and lunch. If you had ever been there, you know it was only wide enough for about 5 deep. Fri. or Sat. with a band, you could't get in after 8pm. Just a little hole in the wall bar where only employees and wierdos came in through the front door. Rosie came in singing "Bill Bailey". Old Paul always sat in the same seat and got pissed if someone was there before him. Drank draft beer with no head and left a 5 cent tip. Brothers Red and Bill. Guys from Buick at night, Smitty , Hosea, Jack. God, I miss that place.

    1. Papazif-did your parents own payne's bar in the 1970's? Im looking for my birth father who does not know I exisit. My fathers mother is a relative to the owner in that period of the 70's. I was born in 1976. Any info would be helpful. I know it sounds weird to ask , but worth a try.

  56. I guess those tee-shirts (circa early '80's) really summed things up: "Flint - Cars, Bars, and a Few Weirdos."

  57. Windmill Place Bar was where the Real Seafood Company was located.

    Was Mr. Lucky's around back of the building across from WJRT? Methinks that was an alcohol free AA noghtspot for a time in the late 80s.

    Hey Tom Wirt- if you have any photos of the Terrorists or The Rub or any other early Flint punk shennanigans, puh-leeze post 'em up.

  58. Does anyone remember Sherwood Forest?

    1. OH hell yeah, used to go to wild wed all the time i loved that place take`s me back in the good ole day`s haha

  59. I have such fond memories of getting into Contos (among other places) with my expertly made fake ID (thanks for the tip Raedene!) in the early 80's. I remember going there one night to watch some metal+hair band complete with bandanas around their spandex-clad legs and a load of likewise spandex-clad groupies with biiiiig hair and heaaavvvvy make-up. I was not one of them; let's just clarify that. But my friend was "with" the lead singer. In Flint I always seemed to have a friend "with" one of the band members, which somehow guaranteed you a place by the sound board and no questions about age when ordering drinks. Anyway, this was the only time the guy at the door decided to take a closer look at my ID - ever. Then he asked my friend and I how old I really was, and out of sheer coincidence we both blurted out "27" in total synchronicity. I was 17! After that I was never carded again there. Now that I think of it, the eighties were rather frightening...

  60. Dort and Court:

    Down The Hatch East- Part of the Hatch empire. A big Central alum hangout in the 90s

    Roachs- Great name for a place that prided itself on its menu

    Cruisin- Near Jimmy Lums. Similar age bracket, different animal altogether. I guess the Aloha Lounge has punk bands now!?! Bring back Bob Adado.

    North Dort:

    Dort Tavern

    Odyssey Strip Club- used to be the Body Shop which moved into the old Camaro Lounge. I think the Odyssey used to be the T-Bird and is now the Men's Club. Got it?


    AJ Racers- UGH

    Little Country Inn

    South Dort:

    Men's Club- previously known as Odyssey and T-Bird

    Assorted Eastside:

    Eastsider/Jan's- A few punk shows booked at the Eastsider back in the 90s, right?

    Sunset Lounge- bikers on Franklin

    Lazy Z Saloon/Ragtop- Was this the hellhole on Franklin across from the Old Franklin? A lispy former boss used to hang out here. I thought it was called the Lacy C Saloon for the longest time.

    Rollingwood Tavern- Layton Blvd. Skinhead hangout conveniently located next to the Jewish Macpelah Cemetery

    Shennanigans- Richfield and Western across from El Charrito


    Blueline Club- IMA Arena's overpriced skybar

    North End:

    Palm Tree Lounge

    Magic City- torched strip club on Stewart, used to be the 50 Grand?

    White Eagle- Industrial Ave. along with the Tropicana?

    Mona's- N. Saginaw

    Times Square- Clio Rd?

    Foxy's- Strip club on Dolan and Pierson

    Roadhouse- Pasadena Ave. by Ukranian Hall

    Hammerdropper's- Private Club

    Club Oman- Weird private club whose logo features a fez and schimitar

    Downtown or thereabouts:

    Carriage Town Inn- revamped for the Will Farrel movie.

    Soggy Bottom- Nice place. Dude at the bar thought my pitcher of Bells was white wine?!?! I offered him a taste. "No thanks" was the reply, "I just drink Bud."


    Down The Tracks- the place on Chevrolet that looked like a barn. Near Peter's Pub.

    Corunna Rd. Bar- I was so blitzed one night, I was watching some lame hair metal band in the mirrors at the side of the stage, only thing was I didn't realize I was looking at a mirror. I drunkenly concluded they were an all left-handed group.

    Down The Hatch West- previously The Whisper

    Body Shop- Strip club was previously Wild Things, Club Slide, Trap Door, Beaver Trap, Camaro Lounge


    Wooden Keg

    Uh... ain't there a bar at the SC Golf Course... maybe its by the clay courts?

    Flint Township:

    Bar inside of Iceland/Four Seasons/All Season Arena- that place was DARK and creepy

    Uhhh... there was/is a bar in a motel on Corunna Rd. between 75 and Linden...

    well... almost 60 posts and I'm sure there are a few we're forgetting. Northend and southside seem to be somewhat neglected. I'll bet there are a half dozen on Dort Hwy. alone that we've blanked on...

    Was the Ad-Lib Lounge next to Farahs?

  61. still here, U Club and the building it is in falling (fell?) apart!

    Anyone remember the name of the club in the basement of the Small Mall on Dort??? I thought I saw it on another Flint site but can't find it now...

  62. That would be The Light, right?

  63. Grumkin, give up the search for the ultimate Corned Beef on rye. alban's had the best. I've looked from New Hampshire to Key West, and all points from there. closest I came was in Cleveland, Shaker heights, but it paled...

  64. Uhh... apparently there was a "Club Bogarts" in the Hyatt. Seemed like quite the place for cheating on your spouse. Later became TGI Fridays!?!?

  65. Athletic Club - or properly known as "Flint Athletic Club" (after hours bar)was an old bank next door to the Happy Hour Bar, located @ "Chevy in the hole" on the corner of Chevrolet and Bluff St. Run by a graphic artiest name Frank - Ruby Player - who oddly enough created the "Flint" spark font logo on this web sites home page.

  66. early 70's:

    Fireside Lounge, corner of Clio and Pierson Rd. SRO, six nights a week.

    El Rancho, South Dort and something

    Someone listed the Tender Trap -I played there on opening night with the Bob Adado Trio.

  67. John- The Bob Adado Trio? Do tell. He is held in high regard around these parts.

    You can have your Jesse Couch, Grand Funk Railroad, Repulsion, Dayton Family, Crop Circle, Dissonance, Country Sunshine, Calvary Men Quartet, MC Breed, RFTW, Rev. White Line, Murder City Mob, Wade Mainer, Dr. Ross, Singing Policeman, Outcold, Nick Garvey, Joe Freyre, Velvelettes, Vandal and the Felons, Prince Nard the Mellow Fellow, The Rub, Trunk, Newsmaker, Flint Symphony, Iron Soapdish, Rosie, Connoisseurs of Groove, Big Deal, Rusty Wright, Chaotic, Mercedes Wrex, Jake The Flake, Terry Knight And The Pack, Me Phi Me, Sinister Side Effects, Neil Woodward, G. Donald Kaye, Amazing Fronthunks, Megiddo Blades, LaKisha Jones... whatever... Bob Adado is hands down Flint's greatest ever contribution to music.

  68. Würstside Warlørd -

    I worked with Bob for about three years after replacing Joe Freyre (drums) in Bob's trio at the Fireside.

    Bob is one helluva player. Nice to see you recognize him for that. Some of my very best moments in music happened with Bob. He's a monster talent.

  69. Posted this'un in the wrong place. Redo.

    Adado is Godado!! Anyone who can simultaneously play two trumpets, a keyboard, a karaoke machine, all the while singing and yucking it up with the crowd is indeed a talent. Best of all Bob always seemed to be having a blast. What a great guy!!
    I gotta hand it to Joe Freyre as well. A Flint fixture, he seemed to be everywhere. Joe must have visited my school at least once every couple of years. Not only did he and his combo introduce many Flint school children to jazz, he would also belt out crowd pleasers like the Barney Miller theme.

    I had no idea Freyre and Adado collaborated. Whatta combo!!

  70. Blueline Club - IMA Arena's skybar is not overpriced!

    But that bartender will send you to jail quickly for any assorted driving-while-schnockered offenses if you're not careful. Strongest drinks I've ever, ever seen. Jack and Coke is almost 100% transparent.

    Go Generals.

  71. I was pleased to see that my grandfather's bar Reese Jones was mentioned. I have heard many a story and always love to hear more. I never knew him as he passed at a very young age. I know if he was any thing like his wife Mona my grandmother his wife he must have been something special. I would be interested in hearing any storie's about him or the bar. You can reach me by email. I still live in the Flint area. Janie Jones

  72. I know that's right JAG, my Dad used to play the drums on the bar stools there! LOL Hey does anyone remember Nino's on Dort Highway where Down the Hatch is? We used to go there, then to Doobies downtown!!!!!

  73. I have the T bird signs the original one from the top of the bldg the original wood one lights and round wooden nickles from tootsies/ tbird I also have T bird jackets when miko and RIP eddiie owned it those were the days.

  74. Anonymous, give us some more detail. How'd you end up with the signs?

  75. Hey lets not forget the crem dela grem of the flint night spots in the early 80s the Lamplighter.I had more fun there than any place in flint.The place had lines out the door every night I knew the night manager and he would let us in the back door.Women everywhere that why they called it the tramplighter

  76. My husband Nick and I met at the Tender Trap, Bobbie, John and Gary were rocking this town at the time... they had a great following and the place was never empty! What great memories I have of that group!

  77. Hey Tom and Grumkin. Fun to see the Maxwell Band is still remembered (I hardly remember it myself...). And cool flyer. Don't think I have that one. Tony Maxwell

  78. Hey Tony -

    Nice to see you here. Hope you're doing well. I don't remember too much from that time either... but I kept a journal.

    "Shiney Goldfish" ;)


  79. I've got a two-pronged question that, I suppose, isn't really as relevant as it should be in this thread. Nonetheless, I thought I'd ask. A long, long time ago I used to go to a bar up on Pierson Road, with my first wife, and I think - unless it's one of those false memory syndrome things - (1) the the place was called Ali-Babas (or Alladin's, maybe - it was about a block east of The Fireside on Pierson), and, (2) that I caught a singer there by the name of Tommy Bell. The guy fronted his own band and was a great singer. Years later I was working, as a musician, at a casino called the Peppermill in Reno, Nevada. Our band alternated sets with Tommy Bell and, well, it was just a real surprise to run into him out there. Found a page on the net, recently, that referred to him as a "Reno Legend" so, it appears, he really found a home out west. Did anyone ever see Tommy Bell, and, was that place called Ali Baba's or the Alladin...?

    Guy Merritt
    Still crazy - and still in Flint - after all these years.

  80. we should remember the PHASE V lounge @ atherton and dort

  81. The only thing I can remember about Phase V is that we called it Face Dive.

  82. Aw yes, The Lamplighter..It got so easy to get laid there, I'd drink at home and head over about 1:15 am to pick up some gal..those were the days.

  83. Here's one. Wimpy's on Chevrolet Ave. near Sloan St. It had great hamburgers. Wish I could find burgers like that now. There was another bar there with a different name now the last I saw it.

  84. Phase V wow, that one I had frogot

  85. Felieos, not sure of the spelling, it was in the water Street pavilion 2nd floor back when the pavilion first opened

  86. Looking for the name of a bar located on N Saginaw St just north of 2nd Ave. I t was near the old Italian Gardens?? It was a Adult men's type bar.

  87. > Looking for the name of a bar located on N Saginaw St just north of 2nd Ave. I t was near the old Italian Gardens?? It was a Adult men's type bar. <

    That was College Inn, with "exotic dancers". It's in the list at the head of this topic, and it's appeared in other threads before. Somewhere here, there's a link to a site with photos, matchbooks, etc.

    1. It wasn't the College Inn.That was a block west on Detroit St. The strip club near the Italian Gardens was the Sunset Lounge.

    2. My step dad managed the sunset for years! We would help clean and got to keep the money we found vacuming.....we were young kids and thought the dancers were so exotic! Lol....all the shrine circus people would hang out there. Christmas at our house involved all sorts! Lol

  88. Thought maybe it was the Golden Spike bar near the old Greyhound terminal.

  89. JWilly, have you been up Chevrolet Ave. lately? What is in where Wimpy's used to be? There were also the Ambassador and Rube's in that shooping center. Remember there was Herve's, Mudge's Market and a Barber Shop also.

    1. Mudge's was McKays

    2. It was McKays then Mudges...or maybe vice- versa..but it was both.

    3. McKay's Market moved just north of Longfellow, in the plaza with Ryckman's Pharmacy and the original Ruggero's Pizzeria. They also had a market on Fenton Rd. across from James Lumber, just south of the Grand Funk Railroad crossing, near Brock Realty. How's that for connecting the landmark dots?

  90. I vaguely remember the mid-block bakery, the wooden-canopied service station at the north end of the block, and (not sure if this is a real memory or a suggested one) the old trolley rails peeking out of the asphalt with the overhead catenary wiring in use by the electric buses. My Mom took me to the barbershop across the street for my early-years haircuts. The City created more parking for the stores by tearing out the boulevard divider in that block and having angle parking between the two halves of Chevrolet.

    1. The bakery was O'Kelly's Pastry Shop. My dad owned that one and one on Corunna RD.


  92. Where was Mr. Kelly's and was their a Diablo's

    1. Mr. Kelly's was on Dort, north of Court on the east side and The Shorthorn was south of Court on Dort on the west side. We used to go back and forth to both!

  93. State Bar
    Pink Poodle
    Lemon Tree
    Sylvia's Club Oasis
    Henry's Club Oasis
    Studio 910
    The Zoo

  94. Impressive list of some of Flint's finest watering holes. However, as I scrolled - rather quickly so I may have missed it - I did not see one of my favorite hangouts. Andrew McKellars in the Windmill Place. Man, I loved that bar. I did see someone asked about the name of it. FlinTown!!

  95. some that we remembered that we did not see on the list include:
    Beecher Gardens
    Golden Spike
    Hide Away
    Captian Quarters
    Speak Easy
    Vinnies Bar Bowl
    Jack of Diamonds

  96. Poppa's Bag on Saginaw Street and Baker it was a bowling alley at one time before being converted to this popular restaurant/bar/lounge with live entertainment.

  97. The State Bar on S. Dort opened in about 1964. For years it didn't have a sign out front. It is still open today, with a sign.

  98. My dad is the owner of the old Fenton Road Tavern. He's owned for about 4 or 5 years now. He changed the name to Stumblin' Inn shortly after buying it. Supposedly this is the place where Grand Funk Railroad got their start (which would make sense, since it's down the road from the train bridge with their name on it). Ever since he got it, however, the business has been struggling, probably from loss of jobs and from heaps of competition in the area. Anyhoo... I just figured I'd share!


  99. Justin, thanks for the comment. Hey, if you have some sort of photo of the bar, send it my way:

    gordieyoung (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  100. The Fenton Rd. Tavern was one of the original watering holes on that drag along with Jackies Tavern and that was about it. In the late forties Gerty and Ed's was opened and in the fifties, three or four others came along. The Fenton Rd. Tavern burned in the early fifties and at that time it was known as Kesslers. Later, the locals used to call it The Green Door. I doubt if it ever had any connection to Grand Funk because it was always a hillbilly bar. About a mile or so south on Fenton Rd. and just outside the city limits were The Old Well Inn and the Lone Pine. Those four places all were my sponsors for sports teams from twelve yrs.old on up. The Well was built about the same time as Gerty and Ed's. The Lone Pine is the only one with it's original name left.

  101. Devilles on Davison. Right across the street from Delphi (now a parking lot). It's still open!!!

  102. Hi there~ My father was THE Bernie Hohn, owner of "Bernie's" on Dort Hwy:) He died when I was 9 years old so it's great to read that people remember his restaurant fondly. We still have tapes of the Jazz bands that played in the bar. I would love to hear if anyone has stories from the restaurant/bar. Glad to find this!
    Tami (Hohn) Meara

  103. Rusty Nail downtown and what was the strip place east side of Saginaw street across from the Durant.

  104. > the strip place east side of Saginaw street across from the Durant.

    East of Saginaw?

    College Inn was *west* of the Durant, actually on Detroit Street / MLK.

  105. Man I haven't been back to Flint/Grand Blanc in quite a few years and reading all of this stuff is amazing and really takes me down memory lane!
    My older Brother used to drag me into the State bar and over to the Copa to drink and dance the night about getting an education at the tender age of 16-17yrs old!!
    Used to skip school and catch a bus into Flint and hang out at Touch boutique.First concert at IMA was Frank Zappa when I was in 7th grade. Yep grew up a lot in Flint! Went to see Harry Chapin .....Sloan Museum & Whiting Auditorium.

  106. Damn, I had to go all the way through this post of comments again and it's way past my bedtime now. I don't think anyone mentioned the Airdrome bar on Saginaw near Paul's Pipe Shoppe. The New Service bar corner of Sag.Water St. And a footnote to Janey Jones. I heard all the stories of and about Reese when I was a little kid and how Reese Jones Bar was a show place and boasted the longest bar top in Flint. Anyone who was anyone went there at one time. My Dad and a whole bunch of others came up to Flint from Sullivan County,Indiana to work in the auto industry with some staying in Detroit. Jobs were plentiful then and my Paw said,"With very few exceptions,all were successful." That included your Grandma and Grandpa. Oh, yes The Bamboo Bar on N Sag. and the Beer Vault on Industrial Ave. I believe. Goodnight!

    1. The Beer Vault on Industrial Ave. sound CRUCIAL!!!

  107. "Hats off" to all the bartenders, waitresses and patrons that made our bars so much fun and memories abounding. Never again will we be able to duplicate what we had in those days of Flint Downtown. Miss it from a former bartender/waitress of Hat's and Billies- Sona

    1. omg - SONA ???? Hat's Bobbi aka bobbi - whattup ???? i'm in FL - 5 snottie nosed kids and a grandma - this list scares me - Hat's + Doobies .... no other bars lol

  108. Jumping back a few posts, the men's club on Atherton and Dort used to be the Phase Five lounge, then it became the No name bar temporarily until it was named the Odyssey. One half became a strip bar and the other half was a dance bar. That was funny to watch girls catching their men have a peak at the other side. They did so well it eventually became a full blown strip bar

  109. There was a disco place on Genesee Road called "The Shanty" back in the late 70's - early 80's.

  110. Figlios was cool, but Jimmy Lums rocked!
    Palm trees and dancing on a sandy dancefloor-
    "I'm on top of the world, ma"!

    I was truly just looking for a limo getaway!

  111. Anyone remember Ink's Bar....corner of Fenton Rd and Grand Blanc Rd, I think...and the Press Box downtown by the Journal....

  112. What was the name of the bar that is now racers on the corner of dort and richfield?

    1. Shananigans at the corner of Richfield & Western.

      Also there is one in Rollingwood neighborhood just beyond the Kersley Dam & behind the derelect 7-11. Can't recall the name though.

    2. I think it is the Rollingwood Tavern.

      Check out this slice o' Rollingwood pride. Take that, Thrift City. Bite it, Halls Flats. Kiss my butt, Civic Park.

    3. I think it is the Rollingwood Tavern.

      Check out this slice o' Rollingwood pride. Take that, Halls Flats. Bite it, Thrift City. Kiss my behind, Civic Park.

    4. cozy corner at the corner of dort and richfield andi think the other one near the damn is the stroll inn

    5. The bar behind the 7-11 (Seymour's) is called "The Stroll Inn".

  113. Can you post a picture on here. Reese Jones was my grandfather and I was recently given a great picture of the bar.

  114. Regarding the Flint bar list:
    Please add Mavis Lounge and Stag Bar on N. Dort Hwy and the Ivanhoe on Davison Rd. east of Dort Hwy.

    1. mavis bar had the best corn beef sandwichs

    2. Ivanhoe had the best food!!!!

  115. Janie, happy to post bar photos. Just email a digital version to me at gordonwrites(at)gmail(dot)come

  116. What was the former name/names of the Bubba's on Corunna Rd in Flint?

  117. The Betty Jane Cafe was at Chevrolet and Third Avenue in the 40's and 50's (and maybe before and a bit after.)

  118. My grandfather used to take me into Cozy Corner when I was a kid. I don't think you can get away with that in most bars these days.

  119. The Stroll Inn by the damn used to be called the Wheelhouse Lounge.

  120. Did the Every Flint Bar bloggers ever finish their quest or what? I'm guessing on one of the following scenarios instead-

    A) Quit after their second PBR hangover

    B) Became disenchanted after encountering a paucity of "salt-of-the-earth" Flint sterotypes

    C) Forgone old man bar gawking for vinyl record collecting or some other trendy pursuit

    D) Got shanked in Buckham Alley

  121. I've tried to contact the intrepid barflies, but they seemed to have completely disappeared. I wanted to tell them that when the world overwhelms you and you really don't have time to blog, you simply rely on sleights of hand like "Flint Photos" and "Flint Artifacts." Maybe they moved away?

  122. how about the East Side Oub owned my Milan Paulic, across from Angelo's coney island

  123. Don't forget the Diamond Bar which was located at
    2119 S Saginaw

  124. I used to work at the University Club... I remember when they built a special private room near the south west corner in the back for all the judges and city officials to play their illegal poker games and be served lunch... what a bunch of arrogant pigs they were! I remember Judge XXXXX in particular - what an f'ing RUDE bastard he was. Beginning in 1980, my band "Outrage" played the Mikatam on a regular basis - along with the Good Times on Clio Rd., Snotty's and most memorably, the Capitol Theater for the 105 FM Air Guitar Contest - we MELTED that place! Then came my band "Hostage" around 1982/83 and we'd play the Mikatam, Contos, Good Times and Mr. G's... I also used to run lights for "The Valery Winters Band" - mostly at Wild Bill's on Miller Rd. by the GV Mall... Ah the good o'l days... on

    1. Flint bands called OUTRAGE and HOSTAGE? Dude, you need to contact the Flint Underground Music Archive IMMEDIATELY.

  125. Thanks for the comment. I had to edit out the name because we typically don't run names in these cases. Hope that's okay.

  126. If Judge XXXXX was such an arrogant jerk, I can imagine you don't want to get a subpoena for libel for mentioning it on a blog. After all, the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case called Harvard University the other day and threatened to sue Alan Dershowitz and Harvard for exercising his First Amendment rights by writing point by point what a weak and even fraudulent case it is for Second Degree murder. The First Amendment is under siege. One could argue that Judge XXXXX is not a public figure anymore now also. Good call on that one, Gordo!

  127. What was the name of the club in the Durant Hotel back in its days. I think that it was somehow associated with the UAW?

  128. I did not see Vinnie's Bowling Bar listed. It was next to Cromers restaurant accross the street from the Durant. I used to have a beer in there waiting for my wife to get off work at the resturant. They had Mini bowling and a very interesting cast of patrons. Dave, Gig Harbor, WA

  129. What was the name of the bar on dort hwy that Bill Pearson used to dj at? What was the original bar at corunna and dye , before it became tailgate, then bubbas?

  130. How about the Wayside Inn on Pasadena. Great old time family tavern. Fish and chips on Friday nights were outstanding. My old man would drop me off for Wednesday CCD at St Luke's and wait for me at the Wayside. Until Mom finally had enough of that nonsense.

    Then there was the Drifter on Corunna Rd in the late 70's/early 80's. A real dive but we would go in there after spending all our money at The Light, or Conto's, or The Lamplighter. We could get a couple of beers for a buck or two. And sometimes the old barflies would buy us a beer just to talk to someone.

  131. Anything known about place yacht club I believe was the name

    1. Didn't see any mention of the Stardust Lounge on South Saginaw St. Spent my share of time there from about 1967 -70. Good live dance music. Had a lot of fun there. Some mafia guys hung out there also. Those were the days!

  132. lorandons became the point after and became the good n plenty and became the bunny hutch and became neighbors, they might have had another name between bunny hutch and neighbors but cant think of it right now,the building is still there with the BAR sign that a friend and i painted on the roof also there was andy's lounge on flushing rd just east of ballenger hwy and andy's bar on pierson rd just west of dort hwy

  133. forgot to mention bottom street on chevrolet just north of glenwood

  134. Before it became "The Odyssey", T-Bird, or any type of "Gentlemen's Club", does any one remember the name of the bar on the corner of Dort Hwy and Carpenter Rd, Flint? Would have been around early to mid-70's.

    1. jesse couch owned it and it was a country bar

    2. That was Gary's Lounge, and before that it was Jimmys

  135. Dont remember dort and Carpenter, But on Atherton near Dort was the Phase 5 which briefly became the no name then the Odyssey. Later one side was a dance bar the other side was a strip bar then they went full gentelmens club and later named the Men's club

    1. I went there when it was a video gamers' hangout. We have been trying to figure out the owner's name. He also owned the Fenton Road Tavern before that. I think it is Jim Bohunsky, or something similar. He also owned a "Head Shop" for a while on Miller Road.

  136. Casablanca
    SAAP Club-
    Nestor's Lounge
    The Hollywood East Supper Club
    Vet's Club

  137. Heck yea... where was Nestor's located at?

  138. My Father worked at Gm and always went to the Junk Yard Bar... When they tore it down they auctioned off most of the stuff in there. They cut the original bar in half and he bought one side. He had it in his garage and used it. When he passed away in 2006 I kept it cause I knew how much he loved that place. I have since moved this HUGE thing 2 times and really have no room for it.
    If anyone would be interested in purchasing it please contact me at

    1. I have no interest in buying it (I can't fit half of a bar on my city lot) but I'm curious: where was the Junk Yard Bar?

  139. The Beacon.....Clio......North Saginaw....early 70's

  140. what was machine shop called prior to 2002?

    1. Razmatazz? Razzmatazz? Something like that, I think.

  141. Daneva's on Stewart Ave.

  142. Did anybody mention Rubes? (sp) it was on Chevrolet i think, great blues. And also the Ainsworth High-where are they now-alumni bar, Checkpoint on Fenton Rd. south of Bristol.

  143. The Sandtrap at Southmoor Golf Course, just south of Bristol Rd on Dort. Beautiful women and great bands. Seger player there in 73. Skip Knape from Teegarden and VanWinkle (he was a great keyboard player...played on Seger's Smokin OPs)..An awesome band called Universe from AA. Great bar..Great times from about 71 til 74.

  144. Back in 80's I remember going to Copa as it was a "safe" place to dance the night away!!!! Had those mini's and cute little boots and thought I was cute too! Ha ha! Those were the days of little responsibility and lots of fun after a non-career job!

  145. Does anyone remember a small bar on Lapeer Rd, in Flint, called the Fairway Lounge, in the 80's?? It was between Dort & Center Rd. Maybe east of Averill. I'm wondering what it was called, before it was named Fairway Lounge. I'm pretty certain that the building is vacant now and the last business that was in it, was a beauty supply company.

  146. Aladdin THE BEST of all time

  147. MR Cs "Playboy" lounge on Lapeer rd. west of Belsay, got sued for using that name. Remember seeing Sam the Sham and the Pharos there around 1965.

  148. Does anyone remember the name of the original bar's name at the corner of S. Saginaw St. and Hill Rd. in the 1970's? I want to say it was Mr B. People have said that Bob Segar played there in the 70's. Having a hard time finding the original name. It did shutdown and reopen with another name a few times also. Currently it's a restaurant called JC's Rib Cage.

  149. Kitty corner from Rocky's? Saginaw and Bristol? Mr. G's?

  150. Didn't see Ember's lounge on Dort Hwy across the street from Kmart mentioned'


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