Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fiat To The Rescue?

Just how desperate is the American auto industry? Fiat may be taking over Chrysler.


  1. Does anyone else remember that place on N. Saginaw St. (a car dealership?) that had a Fiat up on a pole? It was almost all the way up to Beecher.

    My mother used to have a little yellow Fiat, when I was a little kid, so we used to smile whenever we saw the one on the pole.

  2. That little car is awesome, but there's no way those two giants next to it would ever fit inside.

  3. Fiat stands for Fix It Again, Tony.

  4. James, come on. My sister had a Fiat Spider that performed admirably. Although she also owned a Pinto once, so the bar may have been set real low.

  5. Fiat will face some brand challenges, but if we hit $4-5/gallon gas, many americans will be interested in products like the Fiat 500 Google it), etc. At $1.60/gallon it looks like bad biz, but this might look like sheer genius in about 2-3 yrs..


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