Friday, January 9, 2009

Flint Photos: Detroit Street

505 Detroit Street in 1982. Photo by Jar With Most.


  1. This is the old College Inn, on the corner of Detroit Street & Second Avenue.

    Here is a link to a scan of a postcard of the College Inn by Randall_T on Flickr:

  2. It was a dump the one time I went in. Some friends wanted to go-by then it was a strip joint. HOrrible place. At least it was nice once. Thanks for the flickr photo link Tom.

  3. it wasn't as bad as the place across Saginaw, the one that was owned by the biker gang. I don't remember the name of it, went in there once w/a friend, bird dogging advertisements for Creem magazine.

  4. well at least the flooring and the bar remained the same....didn't notice any skanky dancers in the postcard though.....hey bustdup could you be thinking of the sundance?

    hey gordie maybe a new thread on the sleazy t*t bars of old

  5. That name don't strike a bell, but there's 30yrs of cobwebs in the way, too. I thought it was something else. What I remember: the pitiful hookers out front(after dark), the 'fragrence' of the place, and the decidedly unwelcoming attitude of the staff when they found out we were trying to sell, instead of buy. I don't remember if it was the Outlaws, or the Wheels that owned it, but a Police friend of mine said the dancers were white slaves. I don't know if he was joking or what, but the tatts on the girls always makes me wonder. Now, the Cinema Blue we had some fun at. Georgina Spelvin was "performing" out there, and we went and caught the show. Sat in the front row and blew soap bubbles at her. She grabbed my, uh, rump on the way out, and we ended up having coffee across the street. Ran into my ex in the place and it was so g-o-o-o-d! ya shudda seen the look on her face when I intro'ed them to each other...I still get a large type grin, even now.

  6. ...traipsed through the College Inn just before it was demoed. Picked out a few choice pieces of furniture. After taking them home, a series of unfortunate events befell me. I was convinced the College Inn furniture was cursed so I returned the chairs to the empty lot and have had nothing but fair to good luck since.

    I always liked the sign out front with the silhouette of a busty lady. Very 1950s. It seemed downright quaint when compared to the full frontal nudity of the Titty City sign.


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