Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the road with Flint bounty hunters

Flintoids, especially when they happen to be bounty hunters, often do things a little differently than people in places like Phoenix.

Linda Angelo of The Flint Journal reports:
A bounty hunter from Flint allegedly shot a man he was trying to apprehend during an apparent struggle outside a Phoenix apartment.

The bounty hunter, along with two others, drove to Arizona to find Henry Smart, who is wanted on an outstanding felony warrant in a 2007 armed robbery in Flint.

Police say two of the bounty hunters forced their way into the front of the apartment. Smart attempted to escape through a window but was met by the third bounty hunter.

Detective Cindy Scott of the Phoenix Police Department said a struggle ensued and the man inadvertently shot Smart, who was unarmed, in the chest.

But Shirley Smart, Henry's mother, said she believes the shooting was intentional and questions the tactics used by the bounty hunters from Phillip's Bail Bonds Service on South Saginaw Street in Flint.

"They went to his home without being escorted by police and kicked in the door," said Smart, a Flint resident. "You have to have a search warrant."

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  1. there's about a turd's length of difference between so called bounty hunters and repo guys. I rate them up there w/baby rapists,pimps, and pushers. just because there is a law, doesn't make it right, or responsible.


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