Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shocking Crime News!

I'm sure we can all guess that Flint's still near the top when it comes to crime, but just to make it official here's the 2008 Congressional Quarterly Press list of the most crime-ridden cities. I'm left wondering if crime doesn't follow me when I move. Not only are Flint and Detroit in the top ten, but so are Oakland and Richmond, which are just across the bay from me.
  1. New Orleans
  2. Camden, NJ
  3. Detroit
  4. St. Louis
  5. Oakland
  6. Flint
  7. Gary, Ind.
  8. Birmingham, Ala.
  9. Richmond, Calif.
  10. North Charleston, SC


  1. I am going to be contacting my Congressional representatives first thing Monday morning to recommend a hefty portion of stimulus monies be directed and dispersed to fund a program to look into this highly suspect relationship between you, Gordon Young, and these regional crime waves. Mere coincidence? I think not!


  2. Why do you spread destruction and crime everywhere you go? Why, Gordie, why???

    Anyway, I remember Flint being #1 when I was living there. I just made sure to be careful and keep my doors locked.

  3. Great, I grew up in #6 and now work in #9. Like VC said, it keeps you on your toes I guess.

  4. I've had my suspicions all along, that there was more to GY than met the eye. Nice Catholic School Boy? HARDLY! He's the Teflon Don of Buick Tahn...yeah, I know, bad rhyme. The only kid at Powers that wore a sharkskin suit, and had bodyguards. The Feds will uncover some long term racket one of these'll make the Donfather look like some small time wannabe, more than likely.

  5. Be careful, Ken. Next thing you know you'll be living someplace very safe and boring.

    And I've also lived in Little Rock which inexplicably shows up pretty high on these lists. It seemed like the safest place I've ever lived in.

  6. Hey GY, I lived in Idaho Falls which also seemed like about the safest place to be. But, it's #82 on this list. Go figure...

  7. pfffft! they probably all juked the stats, 'cept for Flint, to grab some of that HLS money. and GY's neighbors all said:"he seemed like such a nice guy, very quiet..."

  8. Gordie... I enjoy your passion for this site and our poor mis-understood Flint. I'm not a first time ex-pat but a recent one once again. I was originally east side...Sobey, Lowell and then Ainsworth...after my Mom married well. Recession in 1981 forced most graduates out of town. After seeing alot of cool places I was fortunate enough to have lived near Flint for the past 17 years after my hiatus.(I could'nt swallow the whole pill and moved to Fenton). Unlike many ex-pats, I did not want to leave the Flint area last October, It was close enough to Luigi's without the fear of death looming at all times.
    The funny thing is I moved to New Orleans! WE'RE #1!!!
    Poor Detroit a weak #3. Pathetic Flint an abominal #6.

    These people "dawn hee-yah" can't understand my brand of english but if they did, they'd know I'm not the least bit intimidated by they're little statistic.

    I also miss Fairfield and Vacaville, CA and the KQAK radio station. Life goes on and a Flintoid will always prevail.

  9. NarlinsNow,

    You've upgraded! So what's your take on the state of New Orleans at this point?


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