Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland

For any expatriates missing Michigan over the holidays, this might help end your longing...Flint broke a 95-year-old record early Wednesday morning when the temperature plummeted to a frigid 19 below zero. The previous record? Minus 10, set in 1914, according to the National Weather Service.


  1. Stay away from Michigan during the winter months if you can't stand snow and bone chilling'll experience it all here.

  2. every february I attend a large muzzle loading even near Grand Rapids-we have 80acres w/3 log cabins, a log trading post and tavern also. most of sleep in lean-tos, in what's known as a cold camp-no fire. a few years back the temp dropped to minus 44degrees. that was a truely miserable night. We'll sleep under Hudson Bay blankets or Whitney's, usually around a "4point". some of us are lucky enough to have a bear robe or hair-on elk hide to put under our keisters. We'll stay 4 or 5 days out there. All in all, it's a hoot, worth the occasional pain. gathering tinder and starting a fire w/flint and steel at those temps,can be a challenge.

  3. GY, You'll notice that I made no references to named parts on a muzzle loader, and in my defense, those are the o-riginal names for them.


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