Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flint Artifacts: A.C. Spark Plug Tie Pin


  1. I will have to take some pics, but I have a lot of "Artifacts" from AC. My whole family worked there. I have a sparkplug keychain, as well s various plastic coasters, and a bottle opener made in the model shop during the 75th anniversary open house.

  2. Larry, I'd love photos of any of your AC stuff. So tell us about the 75th anniversary open guys made bottle openers in the model shop?

  3. My aunt worked there for over 30 years. I remember she had several pairs of AC Spark Plug earrings.

    1. I have a pair of ac earrings that belonged to my grandmother love them so neat.

  4. Here ya go:

    I didn't have time to set up proper lighting, but these are the pics of the AC artifacts I mentioned. Feel free to download the images in whatever size you want. the originals are crazy large. I suggest medium. It seems to be the best for posting to the web.

  5. I think my earlier post didn't go through regarding the open house. I was in elementary school at the time, and My father and grandfather both retired from AC. My grandfather was an experimental metal model maker in the model shop. They were making coasters and frisbees in the injection molding machines, and cutting bottle openers from a block of aircraft aluminum on some type of CNC machine. I recently drove by, and the engineering/model shop is the only building left between Averill and Dort.

  6. ...and that building might be coming down too... The gray building closer to Averill only has the outer walls remaining, as I saw demolition equipment inside the other day. I thought those buildings were up for sale.


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