Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Signs of Life Downtown

Despite the economy, restaurants are coming to downtown along with the students.

Melissa Burden of The Flint Journal reports:
"Two new restaurants with 75 employees, managed and operated by longtime Genesee County restaurateur George Falaras, are coming to the Community Foundation Building on South Saginaw Street.

"WizeGuys Pizza Inc. and 501 Bar & Grill could be open within 90 days, said Falaras, 55, of Grand Blanc Township.

"That means downtown Flint is getting at least four new restaurants this spring. Full-service restaurant and bar Blackstone's Pub & Grill, 531 S. Saginaw St., should open by April, and Soyla's, a Mexican restaurant, is near opening in the new Wade Trim Building, 555 S. Saginaw St."


  1. Finally an idea that makes sense. Mexican food, pizza, and a bar and grill. (Hopefully) affordable food suitable for lunch or takeout. While I love to support a certain downtown establishment, their prices, slow service, and not uncommon "we're out of that" routine don't make it easy. Again, these new places need to keep their prices reasonable and menu consistent.

    Can you believe the Uptown nimrods thought a Brazilian steakhouse would sell in Flint? Dudes... start with burritos, pizzas, coneys, and pasties... then after those are firmly established you can go ga-ga with your fine dining funtasies. Ugh.

  2. Yes, keep it simple, low-priced, good and reliable. As the Hyatt commercial I love/hate so much shows, the powers that be in Flint have been fatally obsessed with taking the town upscale for 20 years. It's Flint, you morons. Angelo's and O'Toole's are the towns most popular restaurants in history, excluding the pizza places. This is what happens when you let people born into money decide things for the rest of us.

  3. too true. the "noovo reeshe" are a large type pain in the keister. are they trying for a pseudo-manhattan type effect? first time they ask me if I want crudites before my chili cheese fries, I'll rivet their ears to the table, and drink a black label off their naked belly, lapping it up doggy style. make muckel moor film that! have woody h. play me in the movie...speaking of which, heard there's a film company setting up offices in Pontiac. might not be that near fetched. have woody call my people, we'll do lunch. GY, whip out a script, 20,000 wrds by thursday, eh? we can get Tak for 50k, and if he's onboard, then Crowe is a shoe-in for: "Don the Con"...a 'true story of one man's fall from...uh...grace!' yeah, that's it...Grace! How he only wanted the best for his hometown, and would go to any length to get it! mebbe do some music by the foot, ya know? tupac, or one of 'em...get Denzel to play Superchief, Spike to direct! man, I smell golden globe...

  4. You two hit the nail on the head...

  5. Oh no, Dad, I see Hugh Laurie playing you, not that ass Woody Harrelson. Woody H. would drop dead of a heart attack if he ever came to Flint and saw people eating coneys, plus I don't know where he'd go to eat that would cater to his "raw" diet. Plus, I somehow don't think people would be as understanding of his diet as those poor Vietnamese villagers were. I'd like to see music by the Dayton Family, keep it local at least. Have Jeremy put together the soundtrack.


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