Friday, February 20, 2009

This is Jim Rockford

There were a few readers who just weren't satisfied with the footage of Burt Reynolds in his Trans Am to commemorate the possible demise of the Pontiac brand. They wanted something more West Coast and less Southern. So this might be more appealing to some Flint Expats — James Garner in his Firebird from The Rockford Files.

Sorry I couldn't come up with any footage of that reverse spin out Rockford always used to turn around.


  1. I used to love the Rockford Files. I never knew what car he drove until today. :)

  2. My Mom had a Pontiac Monza when I got my drivers license. It had an emergency brake handle in the center console, you know, with a little button on the end to set and release it.

    If you yanked it hard and cranked the wheel to the left while doing 30 MPH or so it would do a swift 180 on a dry surface.

    That was called a "Rockford".

  3. The only time I was ever in a car accident, it was in a Monza.


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