Friday, April 24, 2009

Missing Person

Help find Fenton's Randa Jawhari.

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  1. Thank You very much Gordy for posting this!! On behalf of the Jawhari Family, Thankyou! I got word today(28 apr.) that Fenton po-lice now have a "person of interest" that they're talking to. Randa disappeared on 10Feb., possibly in front of Her apartment. I've been working with the Randa's Sister, Naheda, ever since. These are Good People, and deserve any help that can be given! A Foundation in California have donated 5000$ to help boost the reward to 6000$ now. There are billboards around Flint area w/a picture of Randa, and info. If You can't help in any way, at least send a Prayer to the Jawhari Family. Randa has a 7yr. old daughter who celebrated Her birthday without Mom there to help enjoy. Thankyou All for Your time. Ken Crane


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