Monday, April 13, 2009

White Stallion

The White Horse Tavern. (Photo courtesy of Stargate)

Anyone have any stories of Flintoids — perhaps after over-indulging — attempting to ride the White Horse Tavern's white horse? It seems like the kind of challenge that would be very enticing after a long night, or afternoon, at the bar. The base looks almost like it's constructed out of oversized Lincoln Logs for the very purpose of climbing. My guess is that reality would set in once you got to the shingled pedestal, but at that point you'd be so close to getting a handhold on the horse's hoof that you'd probably keep going.

If you have a story, it might be best to use nicknames to protect the identity, and the pride, of the climbers.


  1. Gordo-O,

    You're not helping with my credibility rating at work when they see what I look at on the net.

    Most people down he-yah have a deer in the headlights look when I say I'm from Flint, MI. If they're over forty or so, I just say "Grand Funk Railroad" and receive my smile and head nod.

    Do you have a photo of the Fenton Road Grand Trunk Railroad overpass that has been painted over "Grand Funk" for as long as I remember?

  2. lol. I would love to see a photo of someone climbing the white horse.

  3. I did'nt mean to be anonymous, (not that NarlinsNow is giving up my SSN). Thanks for the GFR photo Gordon. It helps my credibility at work somewhat.
    This blog cracks me up. I visit almost every day. Thanks for the effort and the check is in the mail. A one doller check with a 42 cent stamp .

  4. Hey, if every reader gave just a dollar...I'd have $17!

    Thanks Narlins. Maybe I should put some fake spreadsheets or something on top of every post to make it look more legit.

  5. Theresa,

    I'd love to see those photos, too. Someone has had to have tried this at some point. Maybe I should check the arrest reports.

    If memory serves me, a friend of mine once got arrested up north for climbing a McDonalds flag pole. Not quite as good, but still pretty funny.

  6. I've heard of some guys "climbing" the planetarium dome... I think one broke an ankle or two.

  7. There is a story about a Sherrif's Deputy who climbed the horse and continued to finish several beers while mounted. After he had consumed the remainder of the alcohol that could be tossed to him, he was unable to climb down. As the story goes, the Flint Fire Department had to quietly be called to retrieve him.

    There are several stories about newly minted law enforcement types attempting to turn the stallion into a gelding.


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