Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Fake Flint Conference

Speaking of high school football, does the Flint Metro Conference really deserve the urban street cred that comes with the name Flint? Yes, Metro is short for metropolitan, which has come to include a city along with the surrounding burgs and burbs in urban planning lingo, but who are we kidding here? Does anyone seriously claim that places like Linden, Holly, Oxford, Fenton, Lapeer, and some strange place called Brandon really deserve to be associated with the Vehicle City? (Does Brandon really exist or is it a fictitious locale included to make the conference look bigger?)

My suggestion: The conference should get a new name or start paying Flint some royalties.


  1. Wow, Gordo -- that's three straight posts about local football.

    Your basketball prowess is well known around these parts but were you also a 'gridiron warrior' for St. M's of Powers?

    C'mon. Give it up, guy.

  2. Ah, screw it. Grand Blanc is the new Southwestern, Mt. Morris is the new Beecher, CA is the new Northern, so that would make Brandon the new Goodrich?

    You can probably buy crack in Clio and the Creek pretty readily by now. Is Lakeville metro enough for ya? Does Bentley even exist anymore? I dunno.

  3. Years ago the Flint Metro League included Flint Carman and Flint Ainsworth.....

  4. When I played football for Ainsworth back in the late 70s I thought it was odd then to be in the "Metro" league. BTW-Ainsworth and Carmen are (were) both in Flint township.

  5. Part of the City of Flint most of the Bishop Airport Area is in the Swartz Creek School District.


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