Friday, September 4, 2009

Always Something There to Remind Me

Don Williamson may not be mayor of Flint anymore, but residents still have the memories...and the lawsuit settlements.

Kristin Longley of The Flint Journal reports:
The city of Flint will have to shell out more than $300,000 from a discrimination suit related to former Mayor Don Williamson's controversial Citizens Service Bureau.

The amount owed by the city has more than doubled from the $131,000 in damages awarded earlier this month to police Officer Keith Speer.

In addition to that judgment, the city also will have to pay $167,500 in attorney fees plus interest, Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Judith Fullerton ruled Monday.


  1. Well doesn't that just suck?

    Don Williamson was never to be trusted in the first place.

    Thanks for your blog! I never miss a day of it.

  2. For a city like Flint, just think of all the good things that cash could have been used for. If Walling does nothing else, he'll probably save the city some money by not getting sued as frequently

  3. Don sure had alotta of crap in his office. I'll bet that schmuck Walling doesn't have anything as cool as Don's motorcycle in his.

  4. Let's not be premature with the praise.

    Mayor Williamson put politics above objective decision-making, in this instance and others.

    Mayor Walling has already made multiple high-paying job appointments that are widely perceived to have been based on his political needs.

    "Change" would be politics-free, objective government. It seems to me that we're still waiting for that.


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