Friday, September 25, 2009

Growth Industry

Mike Brown, who was the interim mayor after Don Williamson resigned, has a new gig that's vital to the Flint economy; He'll be trolling for Federal and state money for the Flint Area Reinvestment Office.


  1. Too bad he was too smart to run for the job, he was the right man for it.

  2. Most people who don't want to be mayor are right for the job.

    It seems to be a position that as soon as you want to do it, you no longer should do it.

  3. We need Metro area government, like Oakland County has. City and township governments should be weak, focusing only on purely local issues that aren't readily aggregated. Taxation, economic development, social policy and aggregatable services should be handled at the Metro level.

    Mr. Brown would be a good candidate for the Metro leader. Dan Kildee would be another good candidate for that job.

    Brooks Patterson has been able to provide Oakland County with government over the past 17 years that's been vastly more effective than anything Wayne or Genesee counties have had over the same timespan. Oakland County is one of the best governed metro areas in the entire US, by all measures.

  4. Interesting idea JWilly. And I'm with you on Kildee and Brown.


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