Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WFUM May Have a New Owner

It looks like Central Michigan might buy WFUM-Flint from the University of Michigan. Go here for the story. Thanks to Rich Frost for passing this along.


  1. CMU Public Radio is wonderful. This is great news!

  2. I was wondering what happened to/with WFBE? It was located in the North end of Central HS when I worked on the campus. It was a PBS station and was still operating when I left in the seventies. My first introduction to Dick Estell and All Things Considered and PDQ Bach. Had a good staff there too. Early sign-off at midnight I think....unclebuck

  3. Well good. Maybe we'll get a better quality PBS station finally. As a fan of PBS, Ch 28 WFUM was IMO the lousy PBS of Michigan. Ch 56 PBS in Detroit was the best when I could get it a few years ago, Ch 23 would have made my list as 2nd best if it didn't go off-air at midnight (I'm a second shifter), Ch 19 is pretty darn good, and waaaay last was Ch 28...Jim Gabor & the folks never sought out good programming and at best just pandered to locals with Tony Brown and Tavis Smiley types of programming. Ch 56 is an urban PBS and in no way only played TB and TS shows - they were well rounded for all.
    Hopefully Ch 28 will be a lot better now. Vive Le Future!!!

    P.S. No more "Lawrence Welk Show" for gawds sake!!! Isn't that demographic of viewers almost all gone by attrition now? SHEEESH!!!

    An 18-year Flint ex-pat living in Rankin :)


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