Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flint Photos: E. 2nd Street

The house on E. 2nd St. bet between Stevens and Wallenberg where my grandparents lived when my mom was born in 1930. It appears to be a parking lot now.


  1. Haven't you heard? Everything's a parking lot now. It's a new Flint urban renewal they've been working on since the early 80's.

  2. my name is rut some folks know me also as Jim Rutherford I recived boxs of old pics of my dad with all kinds of people hear is one of them

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  3. Hey rut, good to hear from you. I'd be happy to post any photos you send my way.

  4. Except that you are east of Stevens Street instead of west of Stevens. Between Wallenberg St. and Stevens is the Flint Journal's idle Printing Plant (on the north) and the south is the FM Credit Union.

  5. Could be, spshu. I'll have to try and nail down an exact location with my mom.

  6. So the house would sit in the parking lot of the idle printing plant, given the set back of the actual printing plant. Like I wrote...the location is now a parking lot.


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