Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hardest Job of All

Can someone help out a UM-Flint grad answer the question so many are asking these days...How do I find a job?


  1. The person might concider a career at Taco Bell, or maybe rabbit ranching. I'd go Amway myself..I hope they have a degree in business,that could help.

  2. It wasn't easy to find employment when I graduated college either.

    Like anything you network, network, network... answer every classified. Go back for skills training (ie. typing, computers) with specific skills in mind. Work part-time at crappy jobs in the meantime so you have some work experience and recommendations.

    I don't know anything about this person's field or industry but the first job that came to mind for me was paralegal, or simply do something in the legal profession... even if it's not the perfect job, at least you'll be around those that know the industry.

  3. Disappointingly, the linked site apparently doesn't accept input as of three days after the date of the original post.

    Monday evening, I submitted a potentially useful comment regarding federal opportunities. It's still not moderator-cleared. My posts normally aren't unacceptable from a moderation perspective, so I doubt if that was the problem.


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