Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Visions of the Weather Ball

Click here for Tom Wirt's video of the Citizens Bank weather ball.


  1. yellow light in weather ball, means there will be no change at all.

  2. Dang, I hadn't thought about the weatherball jingle in years.

    Wikipedia says it was:

    When the weatherball is red, higher temperatures ahead
    When the weatherball is blue, lower temperatures are due
    Yellow light in weatherball means there'll be not a change at all
    When colors blink in agitation, there’s going to be precipitation.

    Like Gerry, I remember it as "no change at all", too.

  3. I always thought it was "yellow is the weather ball, means there'll be no change at all" I don't recall the word "light"... but whatever....

  4. Over the years, two different versions have evolved. This is the latter version, the one I learned as a child in the eary '60s. The last line originally was something like, "When the lights come and go, it means it will rain or snow." I also remember the next to the last line as " change at all."

  5. The song version I remember was:

    When the weather ball is red
    Higher temperatures ahead
    When the weather ball is blue
    Lower temperature is due
    Yellow light in weather ball
    Means there'll be no change at all
    When the colors come and go
    It's going to rain or snow

  6. My dad, Jon Podolan, was the musician in the commercial. He and his friend Jackie Bowles wrote the lyrics and set it to a Mozart operetta.


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