Monday, April 19, 2010

How Do You Spell Recall?

Flint Board of Education member David Davenport was thwarted by poor spelling and vague language on his first two attempts to recall Mayor Dayne Walling. But earlier this month the Genesee County Election Commission finally approved his recall petition.

Kristen Longley of The Flint Journal reports:
Davenport, who also is the target of a recall attempt, now has 180 days to get more than 8,000 signatures, he said.

"If I have to knock on every door myself, I'm going to get it done," he said.

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  1. Flint finally has a Mayor who's able to make the tough calls and balance our steadily shrinking budget. Please don't give Davenport or others with their personal agendas any credit. He does not represent the majority of Flint voters.

  2. I say........ NO MORE RECALLS..... YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR! How does that sound.. It might take several years for it to stick.... If you didn't like someone. Then maybe you should run. Maybe you should have done more. All these people who sign petitions.. Give me a break.. Go out and motivate you neighbor. Give up the recalls and vote in some good people for god sakes!


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