Monday, April 5, 2010

Vote for Mott Park

The Mott Park neighborhood needs your vote to win a $50,000 grant for playground equipment. Go here to vote.


  1. Before I vote.. Tell me.. How does Mott Part intend of Maintaining this new equiptment? The same way as all the other neighborhood parks? If they neighborhood it's self cannot raise the money then it should not be built. Before a park is constructed. A maintanace fund should be established and also maintained by the neighborhood association.

  2. Rob, may I suggest there is a big difference between the cost of playground maintenance and the cost of a new modern playground. From what I've seen, this neighborhood is working hard to be an effective grassroots cohesive neighborhood group. Not an easy task in the situation that Flint has inherited from the past thirty years of corporate globalization and government mismanagement. Mott Park, the people and the place, is worth saving, from the ground, up.

  3. I grew up on Norbert St., a block away from the park. I remember being a kid climbing up to the top of the rocket slide and slipping outside of it via a missing bar at the top. In my mid 30's I went back and the bar was still missing from the rocket slide. I loved living a block away from the park for my entire childhood. I'm all for refurbishing the park, just leave the rocket slide and the missing bar. Thank you.


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