Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Recognize This Building?

Anyone know the exact location of this building? It's described as an "abandoned water treatment plant just outside the city," although that might not be accurate. Look familiar? A reader is trying to figure out what and where it is. Thanks.


  1. This is the old water treatment plant that sits next to the new water treatment plant on the corner of Stewart and Dort along the Flint River.

  2. Google Maps location: 43.056448,-83.668957

    The photo's viewpoint is looking toward the west. The tower and bridge are mostly identifiable in the Google Maps image by their shadows.

  3. There is a train crossing over the Flint river where this structure stands.

    One of the pieces of my personal Flint folklore of this area is that a friend and I being the daredevils *idiots* we were, made the choice to cross the river by carefully climbing from strut to strut underneath the tracks(!?!?!) Being 15-20 ft. above concrete and water was bad enough not to mention the cars whizzing by giving an added bit of grief to nerves which were already jangled. We also didn't prepair ourselves for the pigeons loudly flapping about from their roosts almost causing us to lose a handhold a time or two.

    My heart's just racing thinking about this memory. Phew!

    P.S. We made it to the other side without slipping...


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