Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flint, Dayne Walling and The New York Times

Michael Cooper of The New York Times has a piece on mayoral recalls that mentions the unsuccessful effort to oust Dayne Walling in Flint:

This year the new mayor, Dayne Walling — an energetic former Rhodes scholar — found himself fighting yet another recall campaign after he laid off police officers and firefighters to try to make ends meet in a city with an unemployment rate of more than 25 percent.

“Having to make public-safety layoffs is something that I’d hoped to never have to do,” said Mr. Walling, 36, who noted that he had resorted to layoffs only after the police and fire unions failed to agree to the concessions he had sought, and after he cut his own salary, auctioned off the mayor’s car and started paying his own cellphone bills.

When the latest recall was derailed in court this month, the mayor posted the news on his blog: “Flint’s recall fever has broken.”

As we've discussed, Flint is not being ignored by the Times. Here are links to some of the recent coverage of the city:

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And, of course, there's coverage of the serial killer, via The Flint Journal and AP.


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