Friday, September 10, 2010

More Photos by Austin McLogan



  1. While a lot of these look familiar, I can only confirm that No. 1 is at the corner of Bassett Pl. and Delmar in Civic Park.

  2. My family lived in a house just like No. 1... On Forest Hill. Lots of memories there. First grade at Civic Park Elementary. 1961-62. I remember what it looked like inside as well. Cute little house. Think it was a GM home. So sad to see these magnificent homes abandoned and falling apart.

  3. Of these buildings, #5 looks most familiar. I keep studying it and I'm thinking it may be located somewhere near The White Horse. Maybe on Ann Arbor or Grand Traverse. Have to keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in town.

  4. I thought 5 looked familiar, too. I just realized it's down the street from a house my grandfather used to own on Detroit/MLK Street near Crosby.

    If you rotate the google streetview on this post, you can see the house that Austin photographed.

  5. Since I've spent a lot of time in Carriage Town, I definitely recognize two of them.

    Number 2 is the former House of Spencer funeral home at the corner of Stone Street and West University Avenue. I remember one afternoon, on my way to work, witnessing a few kids vandalizing the building. They were no older than ten, and they were breaking the still-exposed windows. It really pissed me off. Unfortunately, I was in a time crunch, so I couldn't stop them. Earlier this year, a group cleaned up the lot around it and made it look a lot nicer. I'm sure it's beyond repairable, but I've always liked this place.

    Number 7 is on West Fourth Avenue, between Begole and Stone Streets. In the first day of our arson spree, the house next to it burned. The last time I drove by, it was still standing, which I think is miraculous.

    I've always liked number 5 as well. Sadly, the house is wide open, and I'm sure nothing of value is left inside. If I were more daring, I would have gone inside by now.


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