Monday, October 4, 2010

Flint Photos: Mary Jane Belfie and Bill Boles

Flint Expatriate Bill Boles describes his romance with Mary Jane Belfie, which began in Flint before being "briefly" interrupted:
The attached photo shows me and my high school sweetheart, Mary Jane Belfie, in June, 1948 in front of the old Vogue store. Part of the brass sign can be seen on the right. This was graduation week. Mary Jane graduated from Northern and I from Central. We enjoyed two proms together and after a few years apart I was able to locate her in 2005. We married in 2006. She is still the same sweet girl she was in 1947 when we met.


  1. This sounds like it could be script for an up coming movie. On the theme of one of those from the real romance ere of the forties and fifties. Sinatra/Hayworth and Lancaster/Kerr. Central and Northern combo is interesting. You could get your butt kicked if you hung around Jerry's Emerson Inn and you were from Central High. Same applied if it was The Varsity and you were a Viking. I would like to know more about this story. Did they meet again in Florida or Arizona or back in Flint? There's got to be a middle to this love story.

  2. Nice story, Uncle Bill! I'm glad you found her again.


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