Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flint Artifacts: Community Presbyterian Church Bulletins

Thanks to Tom Pohrt for these Flint artifacts.


  1. My parents were married at Comm Pres. My Dad was a stalwart of the congregation (member, deacon, board member, etc.) from when he returned from WWII until the church had to close.

  2. My grandparents, my grandmother especially, helped organize the Community Church that later became Community Presbyterian Church. My mother and my aunt were active members their whole life. JWilly, without question my mom and aunt would have known your family.

  3. Gordie, I gotta give you credit for posting the Presby bulletin just above the Rube's item. Such yin and yang.
    Anyway, yes, I'd really like to see a "puppet show," she said shyly, and yes, weren't we all predestined to whack at a pinata or two for Jesus in our time?

  4. Hey, bars and churches figure prominently in my Catholic upbringing.


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