Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flint Photos: Christmas Spirit on Illinois Avenue


  1. I grew up on Maplewood Avenue, living in houses at both 1610 and 1613. The house in this picture is an almost carbon copy of the house I remember most. Front porch, big front window, door to the right side... it could be my house!

    I remember the Christmas lights in the neighborhood vividly. Each holiday season, our family would take a walk around our streets to look at the lights. Sometimes we would stop at the homes of folks we knew and we were always offered hot chocolate and something stronger for the parents!

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. When seeing the Christmas picture of my childhood home at 1515 Illinois I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and pride seeing how cared for and inviting it looked.I felt as if I could walk through the side door, up the three steps into the tiny kitchen and my mother would be standing over the stove enveloped in the aroma of Turkey and dressing. I worked the first shift at McLaren Hospital so Christmas dinner was always served when I arrived. My kids were already there along with Hubert the dog. They spent the day in front of the TV with Grandpa probably watching football. That house was home base for all of us through many years and in our hearts still is.

    Thank you for preserving it and showing Flint, Yes, you can go home again.


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