Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flint Photos: MLK at Wood Street


  1. South east corner? I used to keep walking north and my friend Peggy turned west on Wood. Sometimes we stopped at the Purple Martin station for a cup of chicken broth from the machine. Back when it was safe to walk everywhere...about 6th grade I think.

  2. I can't get used to this "MLK" thing. It will always be Detroit Street to me (though I haven't been there in years).

  3. 20 more police laid off.... RECORD 65 Homicides.. So far.

    I am listening to the online police scanner..

    It is the day after the lay off.. On Saturday Night. . . It's scary. I am worried about my family that still wont leave Flint.

  4. Ciudad Juarez has had 3000 homicides so far this year.


    Since other cities and newscasts point their fingers at Flint, we can at least put this in perspective, Rob. We're not saying that Flint can't do better, or that it wouldn't be wise from a safety, home investment, insurance rate, and city tax standpoint to move out. But we are in a world of turmoil, and Flint is but a small part of it. Flint used to be so good on the whole, and that is probably why we see the contrast so vividly.


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