Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas from Flint Expatriates

As Flint Expatriates embarks on its annual holiday break, Flintoid Tom Pohrt supplies some Christmas memories from Sears in Flint, circa 1960:

As I recall I was just notified that I was on the "naughty list" for that year. Even under a whithering look I was always quick on my feet. I countered, questioning whether Santa was up on his union dues. Got your number Mr. P2 14207.... and I'm 'checkin' it twice. It was a tense moment in negotiations when this picture was taken. That was a bummer as the Sears catalogue toy section was the BEST! Can't recall the outcome.

My brothers on the other hand always fared better than I as evident in their classic mid 50's Santa photo.

Check out the sadistic Santa on another photo card holder from Sears. Bah humbug! Wow man, the artist they hired that year to illustrate this must have had a rough one. Those reindeer look absolutely terrified under Santa's whip. CHILL SANTA CHILL !


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I'll have to find mine......

  2. Great photo's! Thanks for sharing with us. Much better place and time in life for us all, I'll move back to Michigan when I retire from the job I have in Dallas. Four more years!!!

  3. I have the exact same cards and pics from the 50's. Love it. Flint is still my home.


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