Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dream Cars

Now's my chance to own a hearse, er, Caprice wagon with faux woodgrain trim. Spotted this beauty outside the city dump on Tunnel Avenue in San Francisco, complete with a for sale sign in the back window. 


  1. I had one of these. Worst $2,000 I ever spent ($4,000 once you throw in the new transmission). Of course, I bought it from a shirtless guy in Burton, so it's on me.

    That said, if you could get a good one, they're awesome Family Trucksters. The back row of seats is even rear-facing! I sadly had to unload the thing before I got to put them to good use at the drive-in.

  2. As an ex-Chevrolet new-car salesman, I can tell you they were tough to sell when they were new. These people don't know how hard it's going to be to move this big ole-sled. They might have it forever. Someone should tell them, park it, and let it be towed. At least they will get rid of it.

  3. Hey, I'll see if it's still there the next time I'm in that part of town. Maybe it's already abandoned.

    And is there ever a good thing to buy from a shirtless guy from Burton? Meth, maybe? My apologies to the folks in Burton for that one. I couldn't resist. When you grow up in Flint, you have to take shots at other towns once in a while just to show you haven't given up hope.

  4. From Stripes:

    "Hey you can't park your car here!"

    "Oh, we're not parking it. We're abandoning it."

  5. At least some people appreciate them!



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