Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flint Photos: Saginaw and 2nd Streets, c. 2006

On the left is the former home of The Vogue clothing store. It later became the second location of The Copa nightclub before it was demolished. See a more recent view here. Thanks to Grumkin for another great photo.


  1. Flint is in a Medium-textured ground moraine; beech-sugar maple forest and hardwood swamp biome. We don't got tumbleweeds. Our tumbleweeds are discarded plastic grocery bags.

  2. There are areas fairly close by that get tumbleweeds under certain conditions. Quaternary Geological Survey Maps show fairly sandy areas within 40 miles where if they are excavated for a subdivision, under hot dry conditions, like in 1988, they will produce tumbleweeds in the fall.

  3. St. Paul First PresbyterianMarch 1, 2013 at 5:06 AM

    Flint don't got no subdivisions in decades, Flint don't got no drought, and Flint don't got no tumbleweeds. Delta is right, old plastic bags are Flint's tumbleweeds.

  4. Thanks for the photo. A bazillion years ago (well, about 50, I guess) my grandmother took me to a movie at the Capitol. It's my first memory of attending a movie, so that photo is much appreciated.

    Steve Vivian

  5. Remember when the price of a ticker at the Capitol was 25 cents? I do...sigh!


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