Monday, June 24, 2013

Their Prayers Have Been Answered

Given the "creative" scheduling of my book tour, I really shouldn't be giving anyone marketing advice. But I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that this is perhaps the worst slogan ever for a Flint church. The sale of fireworks also seems like a pretty bad idea.


  1. My wacky hometown never fails to suprise me.

  2. My understanding from Net information is that Foursquare is an evangelical Pentecostal denomination, and Ignite is a youth-oriented religious program of theirs.

    So, the terminology is national, not Flint originated.

    As to the sale of fireworks...hey, when you've got a church to keep repaired and functional and your congregation is dealing with a recession in a city with high unemployment, probably a little bit of spot income is helpful.

    Just my guess, of course.

    I drive by that church fairly often. It used to be a long-closed bowling alley.

    1. That hip televangelical youth pastor stuff is at once hilarious and creepy. Just watch the christian channel and try not to laugh/shiver/testify

  3. Can the plague of arson in Flint be blamed on....Christians? Was that sign put up by Richard Dawkins?


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