Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flint Ghosts: Buick Special in San Francisco

 A Buick Special spotted at 30th and Sanchez in San Francisco.


  1. It's like Flint's version of Christine... They build those at the old Fisher Body plant on S. Saginaw or at the Buick plant?

  2. I live in Colorado, and the kid who mows our lawn drives a 1991 Buick Riviera. His grandma gave it to him. I think it has like 30,000 miles on it or something.

    On a tangential note, one thing I miss now that I've moved out west is any kind of decent car shows. Yes, we have them here; we see old cars in parades, etc. But it just seems to pale in comparison to the Flint car shows I remember as a kid.

  3. Another taste of Flint in San Francisco. Shootings in BayView district! Flint. Coming soon to a city near you!

  4. GM bodies were always built at Fisher plants. Assembly (mating the engine and chassis with the body) was usually done at the plants belonging to the branded division (Buick, Chevrolet, &c.) This is why you'd use to see trucks from Fisher Body transporting car bodies without wheels or front ends roaring down the roads between the two. (God help you if you didn't get out of their way fast enough. The Bristol - Van Slyke intersection was particularly bad. The trucks didn't always respect red lights all that much, and it paid to keep out of their way. I was nearly hit many times by one, at that intersection.


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