Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City" West Coast Launch Party at Badger Books in San Francisco

Saturday, July 27, 2013

West Coast Launch Party
Badger Books
401 Cortland Ave.
San Francisco, California

Check out Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City, the book Michael Moore calls "a brilliant chronicle of the Mad Maxization of a once-great American city." Meet author Gordon Young. Have a drink. Support Badger Books. Explore Bernal Heights. Open to the public. Books available for purchase and signing.


  1. Will Stroh's be served?

  2. Now that Detroit has filed Chapter 9, I can only feel anger and resentment at all the lies over the years that Flint is worse, while the entire remaining industrial base was moved to Detroit and Detroit suburbs, on the premise that the people of Flint were too stupid and too unionized thinkers to change with the times. Other businesses continued to do business in Detroit but not Flint. Other business didn't open here. I can only say one thing, when you point a finger, three fingers always point back at you. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


Thanks for commenting. I moderate comments, so it may take a while for your comment to appear. You might enjoy my book about Flint called "Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City," a Michigan Notable Book for 2014 and a finalist for the 33rd Annual Northern California Book Award for Creative NonFiction. Filmmaker Michael Moore described Teardown as "a brilliant chronicle of the Mad Maxization of a once-great American city." More information about Teardown is available at