Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flint Artifacts: Buick City Paint Team Patch

Working together...with a paint robot. Thanks to Shawn Chittle for the Flint Artifact.


  1. Looks cute at the time on this patch, however the robot ended up taking over the job of the human.

    I avoid those self-checkouts at Meijer, and other places that have them. They remind me of tombstones which might read "This machine now represents a job that a human being no longer has." It's a way of saying that the once important worker has now been outsourced to technology. They don't take coffee breaks, have to be paid, or chew the fat & gossip in the break room.

  2. That robot looks like a huddled raptor, perched ready to take out his prey with a solar death ray emanating from it's beak.


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