Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flint Photos: Buick Car Carrier

 Remember these car carriers roaring around Flint? Dan Doser passed along this photo. His dad hauled new Buicks out of Flint from 1950-1985.


  1. Unless you lived near a final assembly plant and its nearby auto hauler facility, you likely didn't see finished-auto haulers "roaring around Flint". They got on a peripheral highway as fast as possible to head for their destination.

    The trucks that "roared around Flint"--because they had lots of horsepower, weren't overly muffled to maximize that HP, and their drivers were encouraged to have a lead foot--were the somewhat similar rigs that hauled painted bodies from the body factories, like the Fisher plant on South Saginaw, to the final assembly plants.

    My Dad's store was located for a while at the corner of Lewis and Longway. Longway was a prime route for the Fisher Body rigs headed to and from Buick. Yes, they roared, and the drivers weren't particularly cautious about yellow lights either.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of the Fisher Body haulers that roared around Flint. And ran red lights and stop signs. And broke the speed limit. An endangered everyone around them.

  2. One of the reasons I-75 was build was to enhance the route from Fisher Body to Buick Assembly. Those were the days. Car body carriers buzzing across town and waiting forever at railroad crossings.

  3. We sure miss the tax revenue these industries brought to our cities. The good jobs too!


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