Thursday, January 16, 2014

Giant Robot Attacks Flint


  1. Fake. First of all a giant robot would never bother with Flint. Secondly, even a dumb robot would smash numerous other architectural turds first: UMF Dorm, Uptown crap, etc. Thirdly, Genesee Towers was smashed not by a cute, retro-future robot but rather by a bunch of delusional third-tier neo-urban Fentonicators

  2. Those "delusional third-tier neo-urban Fentonicators" are trying to revive and invest in a city that needs any help it can get. Whether its from somebody who has lived in the city their entire life or a "delusional third-reich? neo-urban Grand Blancianite? Maybe I am just a low brow because I have no clue what a delusional third-tier neo-urban is...please help me!!

  3. The Genesee Towers always reminded me of the title monster in the 1957 cheesy sci-fi flick "Kronus"
    I would have expected it to rip itself from it's foundation and go stomping all over downtown

    1. Ha ha! Great reference to "Kronos" and I see the resemblance. In a way it did attempt to go stomping all over just failed on it's first step.


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