Monday, April 14, 2014

David Blake Fischer on Gym Shorts, Tank Tops, and Life Coaches

Los Angeles write David Blake Fischer, who grew up on Nolen Drive in Flint, describes what happens when your life coach buys you a tank top and gym shorts in McSweeney's:
"I could belong to one of any number of fitness clubs. In my athletic shorts and tank top I could attend spin classes, sweaty yoga, or regular yoga. And I could meet new people. We could walk the treadmills together, making small talk about pets, our favorite television shows, or other fitness related topics. I could forge friendships with athletic men and tall women. We could sit in the steam room and exchange stories, laughing hysterically when things are funny. Or we could sit in the steam room and say nothing. And it wouldn’t be boring. No one could call me boring."

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