Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flint Photos: Mystery Cadillac

This slide indicates it's from Flint, but there's no other information. Any detectives out there with ideas about the location?


  1. Immature tree and mint-condition house seems to indicate a newer neighborhood. Caddy appears to be mid 1940s.

  2. The Hotel Detective Who Was Outta SightDecember 14, 2014 at 8:15 AM

    Plant above the hood is too exotic. Foliage is too abundant and diverse. Boulevard between sidewalk and street is too narrow. House is too nice. Too much white. Porch is too low. Sun never shines on Flint. Basement window looks unFlint. This is likely from a warmer climate. I'm guessing California.

  3. Given that our last picture of a fancy car in front of a nice newer house was on Colchester Rd., I'm going to guess an older part of the same area-Radcliffe Ave. I remember biking through this safe area after having a rock thrown at me from the Grand Funk Railroad crossing. I remember that some of the houses were smaller but immaculately kept like this one, and some looked like they were built in the 1930s or 1940s. And it doesn't appear to be a Gerholz or Healy Cape Cod from later in the 1940s. If you look at the 1924 Plat Map that was linked in another thread, you can see the areas already platted with few houses on the streets in 1924. New house building was very slow in the Depression and World War II. This looks like a pre Baby Boom house. Radcliffe was platted by 1924, but there were few houses in the area at that time.

  4. Photo suggests recently cleaned vehicle, but not new. Tires show some wear. It that is some rusting along rocker panel, it's a northern climate location. Front entrance shows storm door--again not a tropical location. I'd say car is circa 1948-49. From shadow location, I'd say the house if facing south and this was an afternoon photo shot. Landscaping is at least five years old. Note power lines on left, there may be an alleyway there.

  5. Just realized the slide is labeled 1971, so this could be a vintage car when it was photographed.

    1. But the mood of the photo sure isn't 1971.


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