Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flint Artifacts: Look to Flint Brochure

"The Showplace of Michigan"
(Quotation marks are to indicate a quotation, not irony, unless that's what you're looking for.)


  1. Hey Gordie, I saw that the Nash house was for sale on one of the local Flint real estate sites if you're interested. Is that the one you stayed in when you wrote your book?

  2. I think I still have that brochure somewhere. It wasn't ironic at the time. New subdivisions, Planetarium, Cultural Center, and coming after a huge 1950-1960 population increase. GM had built several new plants. Automotive Engineers and Community School Educators were coming in from all over. Detroit already had a big population decline. Flint was the second largest city in Michigan then.


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