Faded Glory: In economically hard-hit Flint, Mich., the Carriage Town neighborhood is on the upswing. The New York Times

The Incredible Shrinking City: What Dan Kildee wants America to learn from the sorry fate of Flint, Michigan. Slate 

Can Anyone Run This Place? The depressing yet inspiring race for mayor of one of America's most troubled cities. Slate

4 BR, 3.5 BA, Grm Ftr: Why I want to buy a house in Flint, Michigan. Slate

Trees in Bondage: A photo essay on efforts to protect trees in San Francisco. SFGate

All Shook Down: Morrissey calls in sick at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, then gets busted at the DNA lounge. SF Weekly

Become a San Francisco Dog Poop Detective: Just as Sherlock Holmes solved the mystery of The Hound of the Baskervilles with his amazing powers of deduction, city dwellers can track down the offending dogs and their inconsiderate owners with a little dookie detecting.
SF Weekly 

Caltrain Allows Drinks — See Seat Stains for Proof: Unlike BART, Caltrain allows passengers to consume food and drinks. For evidence, you need only examine the ubiquitous stains that blossom on seemingly every seat on the trains running back and forth between San Francisco and San Jose. SF Weekly 

How to be a Telemarking Bad Ass: Though It Looks Difficult, It's Actually Easier than Alpine. (Pssst: Don't Tell Anyone.) East Bay Express

Distill the Life Inside Me: Kris Humphrey thought pennyroyal tea was a “natural” way to end her pregnancy. Her death shocked the doctors who tried to save her and sparked a lawsuit pitting family against friends. Metro

Bummer of a Coincidence: Budget Living accused of plagiarism by ReadyMade. Folio

Fish Story: Self-described maverick Tony Perkins and the art of Silicon Valley spin. SF Weekly

Depression: What it means for higher education. Kenyon Bulletin

Patty Hearst’s Little Red Book: The SLA was not her first exposure to the rhetoric of revolution. East Bay Express

Blueprint for Obscurity: William Wurster was arguably California’s most significant architect. So why hasn’t anyone ever heard of him? Metro

Masked Marvel: Bullpen Coach Carlos Alfonso could be the hardest-working, and least prominent, San Francisco Giant. SF Weekly

God Inc.: Inner peace isn't the only thing Supreme Master Ching Hai is selling Bay Area disciples. SF Weekly

Dead Heat: Despite the deaths of Aaron Williams and Mark Garcia, the SFPD continues to use pepper spray on suspects who stand a good chance of dying in custody. SF Weekly

Prescription for Parking: City officials blame doctors for the misuse of disabled parking placards. SF Weekly

System Crashing: Buying Wired magazine may align you with the digerati, but buying its stock might sink you into poverty. SF Weekly

Bombs Away: The Pigeon Lady of Noe Valley has neighbors diving for cover. SF Weekly

One Weird Church: A tale of faith, hope, and serendipity. SF Weekly

Card-Carrying Fetishist: Some bibliophiles hail Nicholson Baker as defender of a library under siege. His critics call him an antediluvian nutbag. SF Weekly

Deadbeat Heaven: Parents who refuse to pay child support don't have much to worry about in California. Or, for that matter, San Francisco. SF Weekly