Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flint Hip Hop

JMack at HoodHype remembers Flint hip hop back in the day:

"Any time I get a chance to listen to some old Flint hip-hop joints, I think about rolling down I-69 at dusk, chillin’ with a few old coworkers over on DuPont St. (what up Antwan and Charles!?) and driving up and down the streets with nasty ass Buick City in the background churning out smoke and kicking out cars you rarely saw in the city that actually produced them. Long nights of ball with friends (my boy D and our other friends would school the shit outta me religiously) and the summer. Rollin’ up and down James P. Cole Ave when the “Cruise” was lit up in my 84′Cutlass Supreme....Cars with dayton and LA wires and neon lights were the hot shit of the moment. Summer nights like that people would park and pop their trunks on the side of the road and just chill. Everyone would crowd around who was bumpin’ the hottest shit at the moment...damn I miss being a kid."

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