Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No news is good news

It could be good luck, bad aim, more police, emergency room expertise, or a sign of things getting better, but something unusual happened in Flint during January and February; nobody got murdered.

Flint Homicides
January 2008: 0
February 2008: 0

January 2007: 5
February 2007: 6

January 2006: 9
February 2006: 4

January 2005: 3
February: 2005: 3

January 2004: 1
February 2004: 5

January 2003: 2
February 2003: 0

January 2001: 1
February 2001: 1

Stats courtesy of The Flint Journal


  1. I never thought of that! So does that mean we'll have to wait another four years for the murder rate to drop again?

  2. No, but should that day count as credit if there is a murder on the last day of March?

  3. Wow what a great find this blog is. I grew up in Flint, Graduate Flint Northern and then attended UofM-Flint and moved to San Francisco in 1994. I've lived in the Bay Area for about twelve years.....

    True Random Story, I sat next a to a woman from Flint in Jury Duty last week...

    Thomas D. No Blogger ID yet.

  4. The only reason it went down was because it was to cold and had to much snow.

  5. Maybe it was too cold outside to go out and murder people during January and February.


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