Sunday, March 9, 2008

Will Ferrell made a movie and all I got was this lousy t-shirt...and embarrassing headband

A few readers have chided me for my condemnation of Semi-Pro, the Will Ferrell comedy allegedly filmed in Flint. They have pointed out that you can't get too picky when it comes to movies about the Vehicle City, and that Semi-Pro just might be the last major Hollywood production ever set in Flint that isn't produced by Michael Moore.

And things could be worse, right? Anyone remember the extremely short lived 1977 TV show called The Fitzpatrick's?

Blue-collar worker Mike Fitzpatrick worked hard to raise his family in Flint, Michigan. His wife Maggie worked part-time as a waitress to help put food on the table for their kids: teens Sean, Jack and Maureen and ten-year-old Max. Kerry was the cute neighbor girl who was interested in the two older Fitzpatrick boys.

Sounds fascinating doesn't it? And it was very realistic; Mike Fitzpatrick's blue-collar job was at a...steel mill. God, think of what Flint would be like now if we lost two major industries instead of just one.

So what the hell, let's all go out and buy a Semi-Pro t-shirt.

Available at Printfection

Available at Pride "N" True (Warning: Wear this getup to any basketball court in Flint and prepare to die.)

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  1. Actually, you were right! The movie has sunk like a stone in the ratings. First the first week with a weak $15 million. This week, its second, it drew less than $5 million and was fourth.
    Look for the DVD in April.
    It truly sucks.


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